Thursday, September 1, 2016

Blossoms & Butterflies

Quick! Before summer ends I want to show you this quilt :) Years ago on one of my garage sale jaunts I purchased an envelope of petal and butterfly shapes cut from 1930s fabrics

The original paper patterns were in there, too, but I made new templates out of cardboard.  

There were plenty of petals for the flowers and border but not enough butterfly wings or bodies. That meant I needed to cut more butterflies but I didn't have any 1930s fabrics. Can you identify the ones I added? There's one in this block. 

Two in this one . . . 

One here . . . 

And one more here. How did you do? The answers are below.

In 1992 I entered the quilt in our local guild show in the Wall Hanging division / Hand Applique category / Hand Quilted class. The blocks are 18" and the finished quilt measures 54" x 65." Here are the judges comments:

Colorful array of traditional patterned fabrics for design
Successful combination of antique fabrics
Border very effective to frame center design 
Strive for applique stitches that are less visible
Quilting stitch excellent
Interesting border and binding treatment
Quilting design beautifully fills space

The one that stands out is "strive for applique stitches that are less visible." Once I see something like that in print my initial reaction is to be on the defensive. But I really am open to constructive criticism. It just takes a while to sink in :) 


The lighting just happened to be right in my sewing room when I took these photos of the back :) The quilting really pops. 


Through the years I've signed my quilts in various ways. Embroidery was the first style.

So do you want to know which fabrics are non-1930s? 

Block 1: It's the butterfly in the lower right
Block 2: The pink and blue butterflies in the upper and lower left 
Block 3: The pink one in the upper right
Block 4: The blue one in the upper right  

The fabrics I used were all from the 60s.

Have a great week!

Copyright 2016, Barbara Schaffer


  1. what a charming quilt - and hooray for you for finishing it.
    I take all judges comments with a grain of salt. The quilting is wonderful. I love using that design too.
    I did so poorly on the quiz! so great job Barbara!

  2. I was wrong to find the answer so I conclude that you've done a great job !! I love love love this quilt ! It's so fresh !
    Congrats Barbara (and don't listen to the judges !) They didn't understand your creativity ! :))

  3. I did happen to guess right, but the 60's fabrics blended right in. It's a delightful quilt that you created from pieces of the past. It's such a happy quilt with all those tiny stitches.

  4. A wonderful merging of quilting fabrics - the original quiltmaker is smiling and nodding in approval! Today's judges comments put me on the high defensive too but I admit to mostly knowing going in what needs improvement. The beauty and charm of vintage quilts would seldom meet with today's standards of "perfection" - and I love them.