Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Ta-Da! Lots of Hexies and WW7

I feel like I've been on a 2-week sewing vacation while watching the Olympics. I've accomplished so much :)

I finished the hexie top which I started in Barb V's workshop last October :) One of my favorite fabrics is the baseball player on the right. It looks just like my great grandfather, Frank Hankinson. 

Great similarity, don't you think? 

I put many of my favorite fabrics in this quilt. Rachel made the blue star with little dogs along the outer edges. How cute! 

I've been making Morris hexies on a weekly basis. I chose the alternate version of #12 Hampton Court because it had fewer pieces and a large center to showcase a favorite bird.

My first try at #13 Oxford Rose but I wasn't thrilled with the way those swirls came together in the center.

So I made another with completely different fabrics.

#14 Canterbury was fun to make because the fabrics worked really well together. 

#15 Kelmscott Tile is another alternate block with fewer pieces and larger diamonds. In the past I've had a hard time finding a use for that feathery Hoffman fabric but it finally seemed a good fit as the outer diamonds

And here is #7 Courthouse Rock in the Westering Women series. These pretty coordinating fabrics are from Barbara B's Alice's Scrapbag by Moda. 

Have a great week everyone!

Copyright 2016, Barbara Schaffer


  1. Oh how wonderful! I am always sad at the end of the Olympics but I'll bet you keep up your momentum!

  2. OMG !! I love your quilt as I love Barb's one ! You used great fabrics and I think to be in the same Barb's spirit, we have to use unusual fabrics like dogs and the baseball player !
    Bravo !
    I'm late but very late for my hexies...well hum, I prefer finish my blocks swap and my Gwennie Medallion !

  3. oh,that looks very good,congratulations to this beauty,susi

  4. Gorgeous finish - and such a personal touch that your great grandfather seems to be in there too! Always such a treat to see all the fabrics you use - makes me itch to dive into the stash and start something!

  5. Wonderful finish on your hexie - i too love the baseball player ! what a great fabric.
    Your other EPP look great and the WW too - you really earned a gold medal!

  6. Wonderful blocks and amazing hexies. You used some fantastic fabrics and you're right, there is an incredible resemblance of your great grandfather and the fabric. Very cool.

  7. I'm making a similar quilt, but only doing stars, tumbling blocks and single fabric blocks. None of them are sewn to each other yet, but I love see your version to motivate me!