Wednesday, September 14, 2016

More Hexies and A Sunset

Here's the latest group of hexies for Barbara B's Morris Hexathon QAL:

I wanted to see them together but they are not going to be set this way.

#16 Hammersmith. I had purchased this William Morris fabric in VT when Rachel, Rita, Natalie, and I were on a Florence Peto research trip to the Shelburne Museum. The flowers were perfect for this block.

#17 Folly. Finally! I got those 12 points to meet in the center :)

#18 Parquetry. Making use of "cloud and storm" fabrics. 

#19 Woodford Green. Did I want to hand piece those curves??

Nope! I took the alternate route and cut my fabric to look like they were pieced. Clever, huh?

Our first guild meeting of the year was Monday night. Laura (Natalie's daughter) showed her amazing paper-pieced Millefiore quilt. It grabbed the attention of everyone in the audience! Way to go, Laura!

A beautiful sunset at the cabin Labor Day weekend :)

Copyright 2016, Barbara Schaffer


  1. Your quilt will be awesome ! Wow ! And I love the way you turned around the difficulty with the last block ! Very clever Barbara !
    You used beautiful fabrics...

  2. Such a beautiful array of fabrics - and wonderfully pieced!

  3. I love all the different fabrics you've used and, of course, the fussy cutting makes the blocks even better. Smart move on the (not) curved piecing. I would have thought of something different too. Anyone who does a Millefiori
    Quilt deiserves a standing ovation!

  4. wonderful hexies and very very clever! I love when fabrics work overtime.
    I guess it's time to get my halloween hexies out and work on them.
    Yay for Laura. Wow it looks great!
    lovely sunset