Wednesday, September 21, 2016

This 'n That

It was a beautiful day last Sunday so I decided to air out the quilts I keep stored in a trunk. I spread them out on the grass and took some pics.  

They are some of my earliest quilts including: Skiers Mountain, Bicentennial, and Ancestry. Garden Bouquet on the left is a Paragon quilt kit designed by Florence Peto. My mother did the applique and I quilted it after she died in 1964.  

I know you've probably seen most of these before . . . 

. . . except for Star & Pinwheels which I finished in 1980. You can read about the Postage Stamp quilt here

It is entirely hand-pieced and measures 90" x 90". I was struggling with the layout until my brother stopped by one day and came upstairs to see what I was doing. He moved the star so it was on point and said, "Why don't you put the star this way?" So that's what I did and everything fell into place :)

Years later HQPNJ identified this layout as a typical NJ-style quilt set on the diagonal with a central focus and 1/2 square triangles along the outer edges. How 'bout that?

I chose a clamshell quilting design for the center and edges and simple line quilting for the sashing and pinwheels.

I made my mother a blouse with this lavender floral when I was a sophomore in high school. Lots of memories in this quilt.

I finally published my 2015 blog . . . 

. . . and I am thrilled with the end result. Thanks, Barb, for the Blog2Print recommendation!

Are you participating in Barb's Broken Dishes Block Swap this year? I am. It was my first time using Triangles on a Roll and it really made a difference! So much more accurate than cutting and sewing individual hsts.

 A v-e-r-y l-o-n-g time ago I made this Broken Dishes doll quilt. Don't you love those corners??

Happy quilting! 

Copyright 2016, Barbara Schaffer


  1. I love the corners and your little quilt ! And yes, I finished my broken dishes blocks today !
    Your brother gave you a good advice for the stars ! What lovely quilts you've done Barb and what touching memories for you !

  2. What a fun post! Great idea to have a quilt airing. It was fun to see your pile of quilts. Such great textures in the lighting.
    I received your broken dishes blocks. what a cute dolly quilt.
    Yay for having your blog printed. I just love having them on my shelf.

  3. How fun to see your quilts all laid out together in the grass. The way the light fell on them made the quilting really show. Love the mountain quilt. The Star and Pinwheel quilt is beautiful and a masterpiece of your needlework. Funny how one person can look at something and make the perfect changes. I got my blocks mailed off as well. It'll be exciting to get them all back. If you tried to make rounded corners on a quilt now, I think it would be a challenge.

  4. What a wonderful display of quilts - each filled with so many memories for you. The Skiers/mountain quilt is so great - and love the texture created by the curvy quilting. Your brother's suggestion to put the star on point was excellent - your quilt is so lovely.