Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Embroidered Coverlet, Sprigged Muslin Stars, and Etc.

Our local historical society recently acquired an embroidered coverlet dated 1937. It contains 97 signatures of members of the Ella Pruden Club of Livingston, NJ.

Ella Pruden was born in 1886 in Iowa but was a resident of NJ from 1920-1940 She was the State Warden of Eola Council #103 in 1935 and Associate Junior Past State Councillor in 1939. Her husband, Edward, worked for the DeCamp Bus Lines in town. She had two children: Lois and Walter whose names also appear on the coverlet. 

The Ella Pruden Club was a local chapter of Daughters of America (not Daughters of the American Revolution) which was the women's counterpart of the Junior Order of United American Mechanics. It was organized in 1925 as a secret patriotic order composed of American-born citizens. The center of the coverlet contains the names of the State Council Officers in 1937.

The Livingston Eola Council was instituted by Nat'l Representative Sadie Linkletter in 1930 but there were other councils in the area as well: Star of Caldwell, Pride of Bottle Hill, Pride of Eagle Rock, Star of James T. Boyd, Colonel Roosevelt, Martha Washington, Good Intent, Old Glory, and Uncle Sam. 

Quite a few of the names on the coverlet were of women who were born between 1859-1899 and their daughters born 1895-1933. 

You know I am a big fan of so was pleasantly surprised to discover I had taken gravestone photos of some of those ladies whose names were on the coverlet. I had even added the obituary for member Emily Mildred Vinson

Here are my Sprigged Muslins & Indiennes from last week.

Maybe a Sprigged Muslin background?

A small leaf print as the points.

 Another as the background. 

An allover pattern for the star.

I finally got a pic of the hawk that terrorizes the little birds at my feeder. Poor things. They are frantic when he comes around.

I thought I saw three soccer balls in my garden, LOL! But they are Giant Puffball mushrooms :)

The NY Mets may have lost the series but back on Oct. 26, 1882 the NY Metropolitans and Philadelphia played the last of their series of 12 games for a silver punch bowl :) My gr-grandfather Frank Hankinson (back row 2nd from right) played 3rd base for the NY team. He was 26 years old. 

Have a great week!

Copyright 2015, Barbara Schaffer 


  1. What great research on the signatures. I wonder if those women ever thought that someone would care who they were and try to find out more about them. Always love your star blocks. I'm behind again. What an awesome picture of the team and your gr-grandfather. That's a treasure.

  2. The top with signatures is a real treasure for your local historical society ! And the picture of your grandfather is preserved ! Wow...
    Love your stars as usual and the hawk is amazing !!

  3. what a fascinating historical post. Great connections made with the embroidered coverlet and you gravestones. amazing.
    great stars and nice variety as usual.
    Love the mets photo! How cool to have had a grgf who played. that's when men looked like men ;)
    your mushroom is so impressive. Are they safe to eat? I see mushroom collectors in my state park off and on.