Saturday, November 28, 2015

Machine Quilting & Seaweed Stars

The good news is that I finished the blue and white Bowtie. The not-so-good news is that I felt like I was a novice all over again!  

It all started when I thought I'd be ahead of the game by marking the quilting lines the evening before so I could start machine quilting the next morning. I used the Disappearing Ink Marking Pen by Loops & Threads and relied on their instructions which said the ink normally disappears in 48-72 hours. That sounded good to me until I looked at the quilt in the morning and was shocked to find the lines were mostly gone! Time to start over. 

My plan was to machine quilt the diagonals first corner-to-corner then the outer edges. I thought that would anchor the piece which it did. Then I filled in with a large cross-hatch allover. I was pleased to see no puckers by the time I had finished. This was the first time using Hobbs Fusible Batting and I must admit it was nice--no shifting, no separating. 

But I really didn't want to spend a whole lot of time on this piece other than to practice machine quilting so I decided to bind it by bringing the back to the front and top-stitching it down. As a result the edges are a bit wavy and I thought this just doesn't look like something I'd be proud of! So what did I do? I donated it to the Historical Society to sell at a Christmas Fair :) 

As for last week's stars I really had to dig deep to find some Seaweed-like prints . . .  

. . . this also came in a blue/green colorway. 

Do you remember these fabrics from The Sara Johnson Collection? 


Lucky me! I now have two more stars to add to my growing collection. Thank you Barb for the Neon print and Vivian for the Provincial :) I appreciate your thoughtfulness and sharing these fabrics with me!  

Happy Sewing!

Copyright 2015, Barbara Schaffer


  1. I'm sure your quilt will make some one very happy. It is funny how a simple project can reduce us to a novice. It's happened to me. I always get good inspiration from your stars. I do remember that line of fabric. In fact, I Could have some buried down deep.

  2. You had a great idea to give your quilt for the Christmas Fair !
    Your stars definitively inspired me !! They are soooo cute ! I have to make 4 of them and I will make my top !
    Barb sent to me the same Neon fabric !! Woohoo !! She is full of kindness !
    I wish you a nice Sunday !

  3. Love your snowball quilt. It is so perfect for the winter season. The machine quilting looks good.
    Wonderful stars! I'm going to miss doing them.