Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Patriots Path, Cloud & Storm Stars, Patchwork Aprons

I think I'm in Hexie Heaven!

I started making Patriots Path in Barb V's Hex Vex workshop last month. I used all patriotic fabrics including the navy/white border with the words "America the Beautiful." I'm not sure yet how I'm going to quilt it. 

After several attempts at making the "perfect hexie" for the center, I finally decided on a combination of presidential portraits and Lady Liberty surrounded by stars.  

Clouds & Storms stars and 3 have the same fabric only different colors. Don't you love it when some days star blocks go together easily; other days nothing seems to go right? That was my Monday. Constantly ripping out!

I love this fabric. You can see a photo of the original on Barbara B.'s blog.


I've been hanging on to some fabric samples for about 20 years and now I think they may fall into "cloud and storm-like prints." They came in five colorways--blue, green, pink, lavender and beige. To me the colors always seemed "off" so I avoided using them in my repro quilts. This is the green version. 


I put a French General fabric in the center of this star but it has a different look. Must be the gray.


Would you like to see a few more aprons? This one may have done by a child. Even though the stitches are extra large, the pieces different sizes and the seams uneven, I find it appealing!


A cheater cloth print right off the bolt--36" wide. The selvages are on both sides and it's pleated at the waistband. 

Paisleys and birds and butterflies are combined with a large gold and white plaid for an interesting effect. The bottom edge is finished with green rickrack. Stitched by machine. 


Here's a detail.  

A patchwork apron with an assortment of fabrics and white rickrack.

I use this like-new apron as a curtain in the laundry room. The waistband and ties are made of small squares pieced together. Someone spent a lot of time making this one :)

Happy Sewing! 

Copyright 2015, Barbara Schaffer


  1. LOVE your Patriots Path! I have evryone of those fabrics too. Your Star blocks are great.

  2. Love your stars especially the red one !
    And your Hex Vex is going to be gorgeous......
    Hugs !

  3. Hooray for you and your Patriotic Path hexie! So.....are you going to start another one? A throw?
    love seeing your stars and more aprons! They are so charming

  4. Your stars are impressive and varied, as always. It's nice to have this category name from Barbara for all the familiar, swirling designs we find in our stash.
    Showcasing the apron on your laundry window is a smart way to honor all the time somebody put into sewing it. Great idea!