Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Stars Quilt, Neon Stars & Aprons

It's time to start quilting! 

I finally decided to devote last weekend to basting my Stars in a Time Warp quilt.

It's fairly large 85" x 85" and the only place I have to work is on the dining room table. I basted a large grid by going through the center of each block both vertically and horizontally, diagonally from corner to corner and along the outer edges. 

These are the fabrics I put on the back. A 2-yard piece of A Season of Toiles From The Allentown Art Museum by P&B runs down the center bordered on three sides by Jeanne Horton's The Settlement Collection Antique Floral Brown. 

I usually make the backing 3" larger than the quilt top on all sides. When I'm finished basting I fold and pin the excess fabric to protect the edges. 

I'm quilting a 2" crosshatch all over which should go pretty fast. 

For last week's stars I had to make the most of one small piece of a Neon Novelty print which I'd been saving.

I started off with the print in the center and combined it with a Millennium fabric of blue/green on black.

Points were next . . . 

  Then the last of it for two corner squares. 

So I had no more Neon for one more star. But Barbara B. said if you didn't have any neon prints in your stash you could always choose a black and off-white print and pretend the neon faded. So that's what I did :)

Look at this fun orphan block with its great neon print. It was on the "freebie" table at the 2012 AQSG Seminar. 

Changing the subject :) After 30+ years we finally got a new washing machine which meant I had to thoroughly clean the laundry room. I keep part of my apron collection in there on a shelf and began to wonder if I really needed them all. 

The answer was "no, I didn't." But then I went to a costume/prop sale at NJ Shakespeare and what did I buy? An apron!

I just couldn't resist this one with its deep scalloped edge, rickrack-trimmed pocket, black bow, and original tag. It's reversible--polished cotton on one side and organdy on the other. 

The manufacturer's tag has Artistic Apron House, Monticello, FL. After a little research I found out the corporation was filed on Oct. 10, 1962 and was considered a foreign entity which only meant it's original filing was in another state not out of the country.  

I have a similar one in pink with a pretty oval pocket trimmed in tiny rickrack and . . .

. . . another in yellow . . .

. . . with a fun 60s print.

I must have close to 100 aprons. You can see more of my collection here and here.   

Happy sewing!

Copyright 2015, Barbara Schaffer


  1. No neon in my stash and I must search for a blach and off-white !
    Your quilt will be awesome ! May I ask you a question please ? How many inches of cheddar background did you use please ?
    The aprons are so sweet and....100 !! You can open your own museum !!

  2. Thanks for showing your basting prep - on the table is a good idea - such a big quilt to baste by hand. I still do mine pin basted on the floor but can see the table being a lot more practical for hand basting! I like the quilting plan - it will look wonderful. Your aprons are a delight - I can see the appeal!

  3. Basting is tedious but great to have it done! I baste the same way at my dining room table. Your quilt is a beauty!

  4. Love your star setting. Wow you are so far ahead of the curve on this sew along. Hooray for hand quilting it will be so nice. love the toile's on the back :)
    what batting are you using?
    nice orphan block.
    Love your aprons! I have a small collection. I narrowed mine to those that have rick rack ha ha.
    off to see your other aprons