Saturday, May 31, 2014

Wildflowers and Great Blues

One of my favorite things to do when we're in the Adirondacks is hike through the woods with my daughter in search of wildflowers. Another favorite is to go to the Beaver pond and check out the Great Blue Herons in their nests. 

A new wildflower for me! This is Crinkleweed. My daughter spotted it earlier in the week with the moth which was still there.

These are Ramps a spring delicacy. They are also known as Wild Leeks and tasted great in Connie's homemade hummus. 

Foamflowers in bloom.

Bluets and lots of them in our yard.

Dwarf Gingseng near the river.

 A gorgeous Trillium.

Another new one for me--Coltsfoot.

At the Beaver Pond Connie set up her spotting scope so we could get a good look at the Great Blue Herons in their nests. I took some pics by placing my camera on the sight tube of the scope.

Here is the photo cropped. We watched long enough to see mama feed at least three little chicks.

Last Sunday there was an open house at a creamery that just opened in Upper Jay, NY. We bought some yummy homemade cheeses and yogurt and took pics of this sweet brown cow with a wreath of flowers and a large cowbell around her neck.

This weaving is suspended between two trees at the entrance to one of the camps on our street. Don't you just love it?

Copyright 2014, Barbara Schaffer

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