Sunday, June 8, 2014

Summer Projects and Another Quilt of Valor, Done!

I've got quite a few summer projects in the works and a Quilt of Valor that I just finished. Some of the projects have to do with learning how to use a Walking Foot which I just ordered.

I wrote in the words to the song my grandfather composed for the NY National Guard 2nd Battery. See last month's post. It's the first one on the list to be machine quilted :)

I'd been wanting to make this doll quilt for quite some time. The original is in the Collection of the Monmouth County Historical Association in Freehold, NJ. You can see it here on The Quilt Index. I want to hand quilt this one.
All these scraps keep "talking" to me so I thought I'd make a couple small quilts to practice my machine quilting.

I always liked this block and the full size quilt in the book Remember Me by Linda Otto Lipsett.

Here's another little one. The blocks are 4". I made a larger version of this quilt in 2004 and named it In My Element. See below.

Here's a detail.

I just finished this Quilt of Valor on Thursday. All are patriotic fabrics except the solid red and blue pin dot.

Another "Jersey girl" quilted it for me. I'm waiting to hear from the Quilt of Valor Foundation with details on where to send it.  


Lastly, it's almost time for my quilts to be taken down. Twelve have been on exhibit at Town Hall since April--thanks to the Arts Council of Livingston :)

Copyright 2014, Barbara Schaffer

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