Sunday, June 15, 2014

Wow! So Many Things To Talk About

Flag Day! Father's Day! Quilt of Valor News! Another Small Quilt! Silhouette Collection!

My original intention was to show you my small silhouette collection but now there's other things to talk about, too.

Flag Day

We finally hung our new "old-looking" flag in time for Flag Day. It's perfect for our house which was built in 1730. I wonder what that circle of light is in the left corner. Hmmm. . . . .

Happy Father's Day!

Reporting for duty. My dad and my brother at Fort Dix, NJ, in 1957. I took that photo with my Kodak Brownie. 

Quilt of Valor News!

I received news this morning that my Quilt of Valor is going to Role III NATO Multinational Medical Unit in Kandahar where QOVs are given to "American Active Duty Military who have suffered significant COMBAT RELATED injuries." I am truly honored to have made this quilt for a wounded soldier.
Another Small Quilt

I made another little top this week. Still waiting for that Walking Foot to come in!

Silhouette Collection 

I've subscribed to Country Living magazine for years and was happy to see the article on Silhouettes in this month's issue. 

Sorry for the reflections. This is a paper-cut silhouette of my dad c. 1930.

And one of my son when he was 7 months old. This was a present to my mother on her birthday October 27, 1963. 

Sometime in the 1970s there was a woman at an arts/crafts show at the Livingston Mall who cut these silhouettes of our family. I added doilies, stickers, and gold trim when I framed them. 

I bought this Lady With Dog and the following painted silhouettes at a garage sale for about $10. They are all signed E.M. Hopkins 1932. 

Aren't they cute?

Perhaps a Presidential Pair?


None of these silhouettes is framed but I'm hoping to get that done sometime soon. 

I purchased this one recently at a thrift shop in Wilmington NY for $2.00. It is painted like the others and signed Monacella.  

Hope you had a great day!

Copyright 2014, Barbara Schaffer

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