Wednesday, March 6, 2024

In Memory, Slow Stitch, Pin, Nature

I want to start off this post with a small quilt I made In Memory of Carol Younce who so graciously sent me a box of scraps two years ago. We never met but because of her generosity my creativity went into overdrive and I made five quilts!

At the start, I sorted and bagged all the scraps according to shape and size and decided there was no better way to honor Carol than to make a small quilt in her memory. So that's what I did :)

I love that little car in the upper left :) I had lots of neutrals and cut all squares 2.5" x 2.5". The two inner borders were Carol's fabrics but the outer green was a thrift shop purchase a while ago.
I did simple cross hatch machine quilting.

The back with more large strips and a label. The piece is 24" x 24". If you would like to see the other quilts I made from Carol's box of scraps you can see them here. All-in-all, I had a blast!


Three more slow-stitch blocks are done and now there are 9.  

This wonderful cross-stitch dog was made by my good friend, Wilda, many years ago. She just turned 95 years young in January! This dog reminded me of our Belle, even though she wasn't a Cocker Spaniel :) But she loved going down to the river to sniff out frogs along the shoreline, thus, the fun fabric. 

A collage of nature--trees, a bird, a butterfly, a mammal (not sure what that is), a huge 'shroom and a snake.

The last block in this fabric book series is a flower garden. Wilda and Renee gave me a lovely floral kit for my December birthday and I spent many evenings immersed in embroidery.  


Recently, I received this vintage floral pin as a gift and I immediately went to the thrift shop and purchased a pretty frame. Then I added some ribbons :)

Pretty deer in the driveway. She was watching me take this photo :)

Captured this Pileated Woodpecker from the bathroom window. It was very busy! BTW, the noise you hear is the dryer! 

Lastly, moon in the morning. FYI, this area has Eclipse Fever!

Thank you all for stopping by. There's no more snow and it appears spring is on its way. Yay!

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  1. What a sweet memory quilt for Carol. Your creative spirit makes us all wonder what you'll sew up next. Your slow blocks are memory inspired as well. No eclipse passing over me here, but it would be exciting

    1. Thanks, Kyle! Had so much fun with these latest projects and always have new ones in the works--or in my head :)

  2. I had not realized Carol had passed. You made such good use of the scraps she sent you, and that memory quilt is precious. She was very generous.
    Your collage pages are incredible--and what a sweet little embroidered piece.
    Love what you did with the vintage pin.
    Great shots of nature and wildlife.
    Years ago we car camped and viewed the total eclipse in Idaho. It was such a cool experience, we vowed we would travel to see the next one. But now we probably won't. Three trips are already on the horizon in the next 6 months, and we just don't feel like we can add a fourth. This eclipse will be nowhere near us, or we would still do it. I hope you enjoy the experience when it comes!!

    1. Thanks, Janet! I still have some of Carol's scraps and I'm sure I'll be digging into them again in the near future. Finished the slow-stitch blocks, bound each one and put them together in a little fabric book. Want to add one more thing before calling it a done project :)

  3. Eclipse fever rages in this end of the state too. But folks need to remember this is New York in April, and I wouldn't want to put money on whether we'll have a sunny day for the big event. Your memorial quilt is so sweet, and I loved finding the tiny conversation prints scattered around. The fabric book is delightful too. We haven't seen any pileated woodpeckers yet this year they tend to stay in the more wooded areas on the hill behind the house.

    1. Lots of alerts/warnings that April is mud season in the north country with ice melt in the higher elevations. Hope the weather cooperates and everyone gets to experience the Eclipse! Enjoyed making the memory quilt for Carol. Her box of scraps went a long way :)

  4. This is so touching Barbara. I knew Carol a little, the mother of one of my closest friends. I didn't know her generosity had such a wide reach but I'm not surprised at all. I think Carol would smile broadly at the little mini you made with the gifted fabrics. Thank you for sharing!

    1. You're welcome! And thank you for letting me know about Carol's passing. She was so generous in sharing her fabrics with me--and others :)