Tuesday, February 6, 2024

What's New??

I'm off in a million directions but mainly trying to do some slow stitching which I never anticipated to be so hard! 

I know, I know--I make it too complicated! What started out as a simple scene turned into a collage of cut-outs from my collection of Adirondack-north woods fabrics. Each block is 6" x 8" and a glue stick was used to 'lightly' anchor the pieces. 

Here's the back with my slow stitching.
After all my years of quilting, it was really difficult to concentrate on large stitches.

Block 2 I'm calling BIG FISH. It was a cut-out from an old piece of flannel that I had purchased at Newberry's variety store at least 50 years ago! 

Yay! You get the idea.

SNOW includes bits and pieces from 6 different fabrics stitched with embroidery floss and silver metallic thread from the thrift shop. 

I've already made 5 more but I will show them to you as they are finished.

It's been a really grey winter but the sun finally came out the other day and it felt so good! 

More to come soon . . . 

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  1. oh yes gray winter here as well...sun has finally reappeared for the entire week, they say...very interesting collage!

  2. This looks like a fun project. I love the cabin in the woods.

  3. Very cleverly created blocks. I am impressed!
    And I totally get the ,difficulty of trying to "Big Stitch" on a quilt, after decades of tiny stitches being imbedded in your muscle memory. I may start out with a big stitch, but if I don't concentrate on every single stitch, I slip into tiny stitch mode. It is my default setting, and I can't seem to override it.