Thursday, September 14, 2023

Crazy 33-36 and Lake Placid

I made 3 blocks this week and am finally caught up. Also sharing some pics from a boat tour on Lake Placid.

Block 33. Uh-oh, I discovered after-the-fact that the upper left 4-patch is turned the wrong way. 

Block 34. A fun mix of scraps!

Block 35. On long pieces I run a row of stitching to keep the fabric in place so it doesn't shift. 

Block 36. Looks like I didn't learn my lesson the first time around. That is, if you use large prints for the individual shapes (bottom two rows), they really look muddled when sewn together. 

Thirty-six blocks done and 18 to go . . . :)

Last week on a beautiful warm sunny day we went for a boat ride around Lake Placid. Here are some pics of the magnificent camps we saw along the way. 

Many camps have boat houses--some with living quarters above. 

There are magnificent estates . . . 

. . . and camps on an island with boat access only--no road or bridge to get there and back. 

Lots of privacy, for sure! 

On another note . . . 

Meet Apollo--our granddaughter's H-U-G-E 7-month old 103 lb. puppy--a Cane Corso and German Shepherd mix with a brindle coat and a very big head :) 

That's all for now . . . 


Copyright 2023 Barbara Schaffer


  1. Oh, what fun! In my quest to get back to blog reading, I look forward to watching the next 18 blocks grow. They are spectacular! And, Apollo is NO puppy! He is adorable however large he is! Lake Placid is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing these gorgeous photos.

  2. Apollo is an appropriate name for that pup! I'll wager he's quite gentle in his own way. My stepson has a dog that looks like him but I don't think there's German shepherd in his mix. The brindle coat is very unusual.

  3. Your blocks continue to be unique, colorful and a history of your previous quilts. Puppy? No, way! Lake Placid is gorgeous. I can see how it got its name.