Thursday, June 17, 2021

Deacon 81-84

 The next four blocks are done!

                                                          Original block attributed to Elizabeth C Reeves

Block 81. I sort of cringed looking at this one trying to figure out how I was going to tackle the appliques. 

And decided the best way was to leave the freezer paper on top. That way I could be more precise with all those curves.

                                           Original attributed to Rebecca D Deacon

Block 82. I enjoyed making this one because I could sew the "plate" on the machine before appliqueing it to the background.

                                             Original attributed to Deborah D Coles

Block 83. I foundation paper-pieced each segment on the machine. Boy, those pieces are little!

                                          Original attributed to Mary Jane Buzby 1841

Block 84. Love those yellow tulips in the corners.

Finally! The last group of four. Only one more block to go and it's a doozy! 

Lucky me! I was the winner of Janet O's giveaway and received her little Mud Pies quilt along with handmade soaps, thread and a 2" grid ruler. You should see how perfect her 1/4" binding is with striped fabric AND mitered corners! Thank you Janet!  

A beautiful triple Lady Slipper :)

I'm signed up for a virtual 5K race on Saturday. Should be fun!

Copyright 2021, Barbara Schaffer


  1. Only one more block to go?!? Awesome! This group of 4 is precisely pieced just like all the others you've s meticulously done. Can't wait to see the last doozy. Congrats on winning Janet O's wondaful mini. Have fun with your 5K race. Hope it's not too hot.

  2. This quilt is surely a labor of love, your blocks are amazing. Congratulations on winning Janet's sweet mini. Enjoy your weekend, I'm not sure how a virtual 5K run works but hope you have a great day.

  3. Oh, I am so excited for you to be near the finish line on these blocks!! This last set of four--a bunch of beauties. You are so creative in how you make your methods work. :)
    Glad the quilt arrived safely. You give me far too much credit. If the stripes on the binding lined up, it was purely an accident!
    What a pretty Lady Slipper.
    You will have to explain to us how a virtual race works. Inquiring minds want to know.

  4. One more block, oh my! I must say that first block must have been a challenge to applique - way above my pay grade! You did it beautifully! My favorite is the last one with the yellow tulips. Have fun with your virtual race. I miss watching our numerous local road races.

  5. Four beauties and what precision and tiny pieces. You are a very versatile appliquér! Hurray for receiving Janet's sweet quilt and extras. Good luck with your race!

  6. Lovely block finishes, and love the Mud Pies quilt too!

  7. Wonderful blocks and how nice to have a little doll quilt from the queen, Janet! and her lovely soap.
    I hope to see a lady slipper in the wild one day.

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