Wednesday, January 8, 2020

So Long, 2019!

It's always fun to look back and 2019 was really a productive year. The first six months included triangles, monthly minis with Wendy, The Constant Quilter, chimney sweep, scrappy strings, and a challenge with Sandy R.  

1. Triangles was the first to be finished in 2019. My inspiration came from an antique quilt but the block pattern came from Barbara Brackman's A Cloud of Quilt Patterns here.

2. January Little Quilt made use of extra tumblers from a still-unfinished project along with a fun border print.

3.  I finally did something with the little vintage 9-patches that I purchased from Mary Koval many years ago. This is my February Little Quilt. 

 4I was inspired to make March's little quilt after a birthday birding trip with my daughter.

5. Chimney Sweep with Leaves is a small version of one of my favorite quilts in the book Remember Me by Linda Otto Lipsett.

6. It was time to empty my scrap bins and what better way than to make a string quilt! It's twin size and I intend to use it at the cabin.

7. I saved the bed hanging fabric from a little shoe-box doll bed that my mother made in 1954 and re-purposed it for April's little quilt. It's hand quilted.

8. When Sandy R. invited me to participate in an Indigo Challenge I couldn't resist. She provided all the vintage indigo fabrics and this was the first piece I made after seeing a little quilt on Pinterest. 

9. The original block was one that Gay at Sentimental Stitches provided for her Cheddarback Quilt SAL. I thought it was perfect to showcase more indigo. This is #2.

10. May's little quilt is the third piece I made in the Indigo Challenge :)

11. Another block from Gay's Cheddarback SAL got me moving on June's little quilt. I just kept adding borders to this cute little basket :)

That's it for now but more to come. 

Here's to a fabulous 2020!

Copyright 2020, Barbara Schaffer


  1. So fun seeing all these quilts again! So, did you actually empty your scrap bins with the string quilt? I think it will take several quilts to even make a dent around here!

  2. I love seeing them all together in one post. What a year of minis! I just can't pick a favorite. Love them all!

  3. And this is just the first six months? Love every one of them (wasn't that indigo challenge fun?) and I look forward to part two, assuming I read you correctly.

  4. What a stellar half year! Loved seeing them all here in one post and look forward to the rest! wow

  5. Great idea to group in one post - so impressive, six months of beauty. Happy New Year!

  6. Wonderful wrap up! Love getting a look of your entire years finishes. Chimney Sweep with Leaves is still one of my all-time faves of yours.:)

  7. So many cute quilts!! I look forward to seeing many more!

  8. Aaaak what happened to my comment?? Must not have hit send 🙀 !
    I love seeing all these little quilts together, Barbara. You have such a wonderful sense of creativity. I'm glad you are part of the Monthly Mini challenge, and always look forward to your posts.