Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Deacon Blocks 13-16

Moving right along . . . 

Three more blocks in the upper left will complete the first three rows and then there's one block in the lower right. I still have to buy fabric for the sashing and the edge triangles. 

I'm so glad I'm participating in this SAL because I never would have attempted to make this quilt on my own. What I find really interesting when making these blocks is how Gay at Sentimental Stitches breaks down the units to be pieced and/or appliqued. That center circle was appliqued over the gold house-shaped pieces to create the curve. 

These Perfect Circles really came in handy.

 Is this intimidating, or what????


Gay broke this pattern down by first appliqueing flowers and stems to rings of colors that were then appliqued to the background. It was a little tricky to get them all lined up but I was amazed how they all came together.

Another foundation-pieced block :)

I nearly cringed when I saw this one! It took me more than a week of appliqueing one leaf per night then onto berries. 


I must admit I'm not fond of making berries. These are about 1/2" finished and I tried two techniques: one by using round page reinforcements (remember those?); the other by gathering the fabric around a circle cut from a piece of card stock. I wasn't pleased with either result. I guess I need more practice, lol!

The next set should be available today. I can't wait! 

Copyright 2020, Barbara Schaffer


  1. Such an interesting quilt! I can't imagine myself making these blocks, but having the guidelines must be very helpful.

  2. Barbara, would tiny yoyo's work for berries? Placed with the gathers down? They may be too bulky but it's just a thought. I love all of the blocks you've done! Way beyond my skills. Jan in MA

  3. I am so happy that you are doing this sew-a-long so that I can live vicariously through you! I am still going to support Gay by buying the patterns, but I have chickened out on sewing along at this time. Your work and fabric choices are stunning. You have managed to make that circle block look easy and we ALL know it was not! Thanks for sharing!

  4. This is such a wonderful quilt. I don't know the origins (you might) but it looks like it's from New Jersey or Philadelphia. Didn't you work on the New Jersey documentation project and book?

  5. Every time you show these blocks, I think wow, what a stunning quilt this will be! The circles block is just such a beauty!!

  6. What a great many challenges you are conquering with these blocks. I am impressed.
    I don't do applique if I can help it, but when I have had to do small circles I have used the pack of smaller sized Perfect Circles and that was so helpful. I see you have the bigger ones there.

  7. Its so wonderful to meet a challenge and try new techniques. Your blocks are beautiful!
    I have berry tutorial on my blog at the top, but basically its the card stock method. Small stitches is the key in my opinion.
    this is going to be a knockout quilt.

  8. Your blocks are looking great! About those berries - I've seen a method where you sew a bit of interfacing to the right side of the berry, cut only the interfacing, trim or snip the seam allowance if needed, turn so fabric is right side out and press. Why does seeing all that typed out sound so much more fiddly than gathering and pressing, especially on 1/2 inch finished berries?!