Wednesday, October 31, 2018

October Mini

What was GSQ's BOM for September ultimately became my October mini :)

It's called Spiral Log Cabin. The fabric requirements were white, white on white, or white with black pattern; black, black on black, or black with white pattern. The white/black print was Natalie's :)

I can't tell you how long I'd been saving these fabrics but my guess is at least 20 years. It was back when I was trying to transition from cutting individual squares to sewing strips that were cut and stitched into checkerboards. Unfortunately, I never found a use for them--that is, until now. Finally!

I did have to take apart the checkered strips to make the border. But it still needed something else so I added a little dog :)  

Wow, the stripes on the back are actually in line with the binding, lol! The finished quilt is 19" x 19". 

Lately, I've been using the same binding fabric to frame the label. I think it's a nice finishing touch. 

I see Wendy's posted her fantastic mini. Take a look!

Copyright 2018, Barbara Schaffer


  1. It is adorable, Barbara. The little dog is the perfect touch.
    I am so impressed with the way the strips on the back are perfectly aligned. :)

  2. Absolutely adorable! Love the doggy! And, I cannot believe you matched up those stripes on the back. Amazing! I have posted an update on my post.

  3. Love, love your mini. You're able to play with all different styles. The dog applique just makes this quilt. And then to pull out a 20 year old project and incorporate it into a current quilt justifys the fact we should never throw anything away. I like the idea of framing the label with binding fabric. Super cute October mini

  4. Thumbs up for a great finish, and using up at least some of those scraps!

  5. very cute! i love that spiral log cabin!

  6. Your little red pup is such a nice spark on the black and white spiral log cabin. Well done!!