Wednesday, March 7, 2018

What's Happening?

Not much--sewing, that is--though I did make Antebellum Block #2 Lend and Borrow and the BOM for GSQ.

I've been holding on to this wonderful Prussian Blue fabric designed by Natalie's daughter, Laura, to use in something special.  

Barbara B. offered this inked design on her blog and it seemed to be the right one for my block. I did, however, eliminate the eagle and signature.

I enlarged the design so it fit in the corner of this triangle.

 Again, I used a 05 Pigma pen.

In stark contrast to the above block, this is our guild's BOM for March. The theme was to think St. Patrick's Day and use green & white. It went together in no time at all.  

This is what my sewing room looks like at the moment. What a disaster! I must have fabrics for at least 4 projects piled up on the table with more on the floor.

The reason I'm behind in my sewing is that I decided to paint the upstairs hallway. I've already done the ceiling and walls and am now working my way through 6 doors and trim. I'm waiting for the electrician to come and install a new light fixture. 

Our hallway is in two parts so this is the second section. There's some serious scraping that needs to be done on the ceiling. My ultimate goal is to turn the hallway into a mini-gallery for my quilts :)

This beautiful Amaryllis is blooming indoors . . . 

. . . and Winter Aconite is blooming outdoors. Spring is on its way :)

Really?? Would you believe we are supposed to get 6-12" of snow today and all it's done so far is rain. Maybe later :)

Have a great week!

Copyright 2018, Barbara Schaffer



  1. Love that Prussian blue fabric! Your inking is so beautiful! Thank you for showing your sewing room. I love it when people share their sewing rooms while in serious quilting mode. All these photos of tidy and seriously organized sewing rooms make me nervous. I do like a neat and tidy room, I just rarely get there. I love your idea of making your hallway into a gallery of quilts. It is a perfect area out of the sunlight where you can enjoy them all in a row. And, I for one am looking forward to our predicted snow. I need a snow day! Stay warm!

  2. Beautiful blocks and flowers! Are you sure you didn't take that picture in my sewing closer??? ---"Love"

    1. Glad to hear your sewing closet looks like mine, lol! Enjoy your day!

  3. Stunning Prussian blue - I thought it was an antique fabric in the block. It is so hard to find that color normally. And more inking! So well done. Love seeing your sewing room - it looks just as it should showing creativity and projects in the works. Beautiful amaryllis - I had 2 pots of paperwhites in full bloom 2 weeks ago - they are so fun to grow indoors but don’t last very long once in bloom...still it was something green and growing.

  4. What a beautiful Prussian blue. How nice to use it in this project and include the inking. Loved seeing your sewing room! It makes me feel better

  5. Love a lot your Prussian blue !! Your is awesome Barbara !
    I must clean my happy place too I will do it in Spring.... Oh my.. it will be Spring in a few days !! :)

  6. your plans for a gallery sounds really nice.
    Your new block is so pretty with the inking and that blue.
    Creativity is messy and a sign of genius

  7. I don't like to paint, but it always looks and feels fresh when I'm done.
    A messy sewing room must mean you've been creating! Love the inked blocks!!