Thursday, March 22, 2018

#10 on 2017 UFO List

In 1996 we (HQPNJ) documented Florence Peto's quilts at the home of her grandson, William Peto and his wife, Helen. Twenty years later the Peto quilt that was started by Natalie can finally be crossed off my list. Here's the story: 

Florence made Playmates in 1951 from her collection of scraps of conversational prints. The center was a panel depicting cats and the corner fabric featured dogs. 

In the late '90s Natalie began cutting and sewing small squares together with the intention of reproducing Florence's quilt.

She had an impressive collection of conversationals, too. 


When pieces of Natalie's quilt along with some of her fabrics were passed on to me I came up with this version of Florence's quilt in 2012. But it didn't look anything like what I envisioned it to be! Why I added 2 strips of watermelons I'll never know, the side borders just didn't look right, and the stripe at the top and bottom was just wrong! So the quilt sat for 5 more years until I finally decided to tackle it one more time--in 2017.

The first thing I did was get rid of the watermelons and remove all the borders. I appliqued the stripe that was once at the top and bottom of the quilt over the melon strips hiding them forever, lol! (I cut them out.)


Oh, in case you're wondering what the fabric is in the center, it's this one from the millennium.   


Anyway, I recut the borders to focus on just the light section. I've always liked this Peter Pan fabric :)


Since I didn't have anything close to the cute dogs Florence put in the corners of her quilt I added castles which I cut from a panel in Natalie's stash.


Ta-da! I finished the top this morning! I bought the striped border fabric on Hancock's a while ago and it ended up being just what I needed for this quilt.

So this time around I'm pleased with the result. I even have the backing ready to go but it's a little short so will cut and sew a strip across the center to add some length. 

Have a great week!

Copyright 2018, Barbara Schaffer


  1. What a wonderful top ! And with lots of details and characters... You've done an incredible work !
    Congratulations Barbara !

  2. Nice job reworking that quilt and getting it out of the UFO pile!

  3. The fussy cut conversation prints are a really fun idea. You did a great job honoring the original!

  4. Very nice finish, and what wonderful conversations it will bring forth from its viewers! ---"Love"

    1. Thank you! I just love those little prints!

  5. Florence is one of my quilt heros of all time! Love seeing these quilts and congratulations on a wonderful finish.

  6. What a wonderful story to follow...and your documentation day back at the home of Florence Peto’s grandson must be filled with memories. Your quilt has made a lovely journey to completion. The millenium fabric print has always been a favorite of mine. My yardage is in the taupe/white and there is just a little bit left as I have used it here and there...conversation prints rank high on my list and I wish there were more available now.

  7. Oh, gosh, what a story! It's a fabulous finish rich in history. Good bye watermelons. And goodbye UFO