Wednesday, March 28, 2018

March's Little Quilt & Hallway

I knew exactly what little quilt I wanted to make for March. . .  

. . . after all, it's been a favorite of mine for a very long time and is featured in Childhood Treasures by Merikay Waldvogel. What appealed to me most was the simplicity of the 4-patches set with gingham, the large-scale floral on three sides only and the woven tape binding.

I had just enough Oakland Museum fabric (P&B Textiles 1998) for the border and several pinks to complete the four-patches. (I actually made this quilt once before which you can see here on Barb V's Hello Dolly! post.)

I hand-quilted cross-hatch in the center . . . 

. . . and this design in the border. 

You can see it better from the back.

When it came time to do the binding I thought this striped fabric looked a lot like woven Trenton tape so fussy cut it on the straight. 


It looked okay after a little pressing :)


On another note . . . 

I finished painting the first section of the upstairs hallway and hung a few quilts to make it a bit more presentable when guests arrived last week :)

Copyright 2018, Barbara Schaffer



  1. Its lovely! Looks just like the antique!
    Love your quilts hanging in the hallway. Very homey!!

  2. Lots of cute little quilts, and I love how you hung them in the hall! Thanks for the link to the precious doll tea party. I had a good morning giggle. ---"Love"

    1. Thanks! Ann Hermes' method of hanging little quilts is so easy! Glad you enjoyed Barb's Hello Dolly post. Too funny!

  3. Fabulous! I have admired that quilt for years and yours is a wonderful interpretation. The binding is perfect. I thought at first that it was tape! I have linked you to my post. I hope to get the linky party thing figured out before next month!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. So sweet! The floral border really works well too. Love Childhood Treasures - a favorite!

  5. I knew that quilt right away! I have it on my other doll bed right now.
    Your new one looks wonderful too. I met Marikay at the seminar last year. I love her book.
    Your hall looks really great and so does your display and little quilt hanging.

  6. Excellent recreation! Nice job on the binding stripe.
    I like the way you have your quilts hanging. :)

  7. Oh I just adore your little quilt! The hand quilting is so impressive too. Love the rich colors in this one.:)

  8. Another beautiful quilt! Again, loving the floral border! Where do you get these great fabrics??