Thursday, February 8, 2018

Top Done, BOM again, Etc.

I was determined this week to finish the top I started last fall when I sewed along with Barb V. making basket blocks.

All the edge triangles were cut so all I had to do was add the borders. 

The blue one is 1" and the floral is 5-1/2". 

I wasn't happy with the BOM in last week's post so did another. This one looks so much better! 

I tried to capture the Super Blue Moon on my early morning walk the other day. This was around 6:15 a.m.

Yesterday our windshield was covered in ice creating such pretty patterns. Click on the pics :)

You can see the shadows of the trees in the background.  

I bought a new bird feeder at Costco and look who found it. I wasn't surprised to see this squirrel go head first to get the seed :)

Yay for the Olympics! I'm watching, are you? 

Have a wonderful week! 

Copyright 2018, Barbara Schaffer


  1. Oh that naughty squirrel - they can sure find a new food source quickly. Your basket quilt is filled with such rich colors and piecing perfection! Watched the curling, moguls and ice skating last night & looking forward to the opening ceremonies today. My own Olympic sewing marathon has now begun.

  2. Gorgeous! I adore those baskets. I love that border print and I still have a yard left. And I see you like corner blocks like I do. I just love the whole thing! And, yes I am always excited about the winter Olympics. There is something about watching a human body fly down a mountain at 100 miles an hour on two spindly sticks that really excites me. However, ski jumping is my favorite event.

    1. remember Eddie the Eagle? he was the best!

  3. Your basket quilt is fabulous. The border print is beautiful and surrounds those wonderful scrappy baskets. I always admire your color choices.

  4. Love your basket quilt!!
    That squirrel is smart!! You'll go through a lot of seed that way.

  5. Your basket quilt is Beautiful! I love how the baskets are set and that blue little border is delicious~
    pretty ice photos and moon too.
    naughty squirrel
    I missed a whole week being way, but I'm catching up.