Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Little Quilt, BaRm Done, BOM

I've decided to join Wendy The Constant Quilter and make a little quilt every month--no pressure--just plain fun! And since there are quite a few little quilts that I've been wanting to make this was the perfect opportunity to get started. Thanks, Wendy!

This was a reject block when I was making my Gypsy Wife quilt. Those are 70s fabrics but I'm not sticking to time periods this time--just striving for the right colors. The squiggles worked really well and the corner blocks were made from two of the fabrics that were in the bundle that I purchased at GSQ last month :)

On another note . . . 

The bathroom is done!

The new light fixtures which were actually advertised 'facing down' are now facing up per the electrician's recommendation. Good idea!

The "Playtime" picture was from a good friend of mine many years ago and set the color scheme of red, blue and yellow.

My cousin made this mug for me when I was 8 years old. 

I have a hard time leaving spaces empty especially when I can fill them with vintage goodies, lol! So I put a few of my colorful little quilts on a rack and added needle books to the ledge above the drawers. Then I bought two rag rugs on Amazon.

I hung Cascadia (Lori's Humble Quilts 2014 quiltalong) on the wall behind the door using red metal rulers and binder clips (Ann Hermes' clever hanging system.) It really brightened up the space!

Next I'll be working on the hallway--mostly painting :)


This is our guild's BOM for February called 'Nine to Five'. Four 5" squares--2 red and 2 white--are sewed together. After a series of cuts and turns you end up with this block where the reds and whites alternate. It's an interesting technique but now I know why I never used that white/red print before. It's definitely off-grain! 

Are you looking for another project--what???

Check out Barbara B's latest free BOM series on her Civil War Quilts blog here. The Antebellum Album blocks are based on ones found in early friendship quilts and there are examples from two NJ quilts in today's post. In fact, one is the quilt on the cover of our book, New Jersey Quilts

I'm in--are you?

Copyright 2018, Barbara Schaffer


  1. Squeal! I am so excited to have you joining the mini madness. I adore your January quilt. Spectacular!! And yes, I will be joining Barbara B. this time. I didn't do Yankee Diary last year. The Time Warp Stars were so popular, I hope she has lots of followers this year too. Your bathroom is beautiful. I especially love the quilt rack!

  2. your bath looks terrific! what sweet touches you have in there like that sweet mug. I just love personal touches like that.
    Your new mini is charming. love the mix of prints and red and yellow is favorite combo.
    Have fun making minis - and BB new SAL. I am trying to stay with my UFOs.

  3. I have some of that wavy squiggles fabric you used in the border. Good use for it.

  4. Very cute and charming bathroom with lots of interesting colorful touches. I’m in on the antebellum BOM. Still need to quilt Westering Women from a couple of years ago.

  5. Your mini is marvelous. I love how you took your reject and stitched up a beauty. The bath remodel is so charming with all of your personal touches. I'm joining you and Wendy with the mini quilt challenge. I probably won't get one a month done, but I'm in it for the fun! Mine should be done next week.

  6. I love your little quilt- the fabric is awesome!

    I love the bathroom redo. The quilts, mug and little do-dads make it special and so sweet!

  7. Your bathroom is beautiful ! With the quilts in it, it's terrific !! ah ah !
    I'm in yes... oh not serious but the blocks are just beautiful and I love the blocks chain too.... I finished the first this afternoon ! I'm going to make it in brown and blue !

  8. I love your bathroom! The quilts add a feeling of comfort and warmth and I love the drawers along the one wall. What great storage.

    Your mini quilt is bright and lively and, well, just perfect! The pattern is fun and the colors are delightful.

  9. Your bathroom project turned out great - such a sunny yellow to start the day! And all those little touches - the yellow drawer pulls and sweet quilts..that darling mug. Really like how you finished your small quilt - that squiggly fabric sets it off. Have fun with your Quilt A Month.