Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Out and About

Enjoying the cabin and the area . . . 

I rearranged the front porch and hope to buy a fern for the twig planter . . .

. . . and brought this vintage pillow from home.  

On my early morning walk I noticed a few new twig-style street signs . . .

. . . and an eagle bench made by a chain-saw carver down the street.  

There were lots of colorful mushrooms to photograph while hiking with my daughter. 

I found this piece of barkcloth at the thrift shop . . .

. . .  and my granddaughters (L and R ) and their friend bought these dresses for $4 each. So cute! 

Tomorrow we're taking the ferry to Burlington, VT, to meet up with some friends :)

Copyright 2017, Barbara Schaffer




  1. What a wonderful spot you have there by the lake. I love all the twig styles and the barkcloth!
    cute girls and dresses! have fun in Burlington!

  2. You do have a wonderful spot for a cabin. The porch is delightful welcoming spot. Love the finds from the thrift shop, girl's summer dresses included.