Thursday, July 20, 2017

Just Itchin'

. . . to work in my garden plot in the north country.

We arrived yesterday so the first thing I did this morning was go for a walk up our driveway . . . 

. . . and down to the corner store where I saw a patch of Viper's Bugloss on my way . . .

. . . to the Community Garden :)

But I'll have to wait for my son-in-law to get home to unlock the gate. He is in charge :)

I was so excited about starting a vegetable garden but when we weren't able to get up to the cabin this spring my daughter and her husband planted the seeds for me :) 

I THINK this is my plot. It has two varieties of squash and cucumbers. I can't wait to go back later! 

Copyright 2017, Barbara Schaffer



  1. How fun to show up and see how your veggies are growing. I love your driveway. How secluded.

  2. What a beautiful garden, and you didn't have to do much of the work? ---"Love"

    1. Yes, it was an "instant garden" for me :) Will do some weeding today!

  3. wow that garden looks lush! I love all blue flowers. I'm not familiar with this one.

  4. Your son-in-law did a wonderful job ! You are going to eat yummy salads and other vegetables recipes !

  5. How beautiful! I admire all you gardeners. I think I just burned out as a kid having to do all the weeding and if I never pick another green bean it will be too soon! I love looking at the fruits of your labor! I've never heard of a Viper's Bugloss, but it is beautiful!