Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Quiltfest Part I

Rachel and I got our "quilt fix" last Thursday at Quiltfest NJ. Our routine is to start with the vendors on the left, work our way to the middle of the show, and then break for lunch.

First stop was to see what treasures Dana Balsamo of Material Pleasures had at her booth. We are never disappointed. This lovely quilt was on top for a bed turning.

Dana has a wonderful collection of early fabrics including this quail and palm tree fragment. A favorite!

This extraordinary blue ribbon winner was from the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival. Threads of Friendship (Carol's Gift) is an original design made by Barbara Korengold of Chevy Chase, MD. It's 81" x 82".

A detail of the center. 


Ribbons throughout.

Beautifully quilted. Check out those feathers!

Embellished with Chinese silk embroidery thread. Simply breathtaking!

From one extreme to the other :) Selvage Rainbow Bookcase is an original design by Jessica Skultety. She merged her two loves of quilting and reading.

All the selvages were hand appliqued using various techniques and set together by color. Love the sewing machine at the top of this stack of books.

Neighborhood by ladies of Grace Circle of Do Good Stitches, Summerland, CA; longarm quilted by Heidi Duryea. What a fun place to live!

More photos tomorrow . . . 

Copyright 2017, Barbara Schaffer



  1. Oh what fun! Thanks for sharing. Looks like you have a lot of great shows in your area!

  2. Wow! That antique fabric is gorgeous! Love the creative quilts!

  3. Wow...those quilts are awesome especially the Baltimore. you think she added some trapunto with her quilting ?

  4. I was at Quilt Fest too! Beautiful quilts on display and many more entries than years before! I was amazed to learn the Threads of Friendship quilt was all hand quilting! So many tiny stitches!

  5. Of course we loved the same quilts. The solid house quilt was so captivating yet so simple.
    The hand quilting this year was over the top!

  6. What inspiring show and tell. The red and green antique quilt is simply charming and the salvage quilt really creative. It's amazing what creative people there are.