Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Aprons, Aconite and "Springtime"

You all know what fun I'm having with those 50s & 60s fabrics making Gypsy Wife blocks.

I only have 45 more to go but they're mostly small, lol! 

I thought you'd like to see some fun aprons from that era. My apron collection is organized by style, e.g. organdy, embroidered, stripes, full aprons, patchwork, etc., etc., and . . . 

.  . . borders. These framed silhouettes make for a very appealing design :)

A fun farm scene with all kinds of barnyard animals, barns and wagons.

I just love this one. These dogs remind me of my grand-dog, Jasper.

Great similarity don't you think? 

Winter Aconite is blooming in our garden. It's the first flower of spring! I never planted these bulbs and have no idea how they got there--but they make me smile :)

#14 on my '17 in 2017' list is done and I'm calling it Springtime. The center hexie was a reject from the Morris Hexathon quilt top I'd been working on so now it has a new home in the center of this little piece. 


I usually sew my labels either in the corner or the center of the back but I kind of like this one on an angle :)

Quiltfest is tomorrow and I hope to take lots of pics!

Copyright 2017, Barbara Schaffer


  1. Wow, your blocks are really coming along. I adore your aprons! My sister gave me a vintage apron book last year and it is so much fun to stroll down memory lane! Love that little springtime quilt. Wish they would come out with that backing fabric again. It was a great line. I had it in a number of colorways and I miss it!

  2. You've got an incredible collection of aprons ! Wow !
    Love your little quilt Barbara...the fabric with birds is gorgeous !

  3. your blocks are coming along and are very cheerful and fun.
    I loved seeing more of your apron collection. the brown farm scene is my favorite this time ;)
    Your little finish is nice and I do the same label treatment. I always angle mine on purpose so they don't turn out crooked.

  4. Your GW blocks are great! I adore your apron collection and have quite a few myself.
    Great use of a leftover block.