Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Little of This and A Little of That

A hooked rug, Morris Hexathon, Orange Peel quilting, a bird nest and the link to a video of a bird with many and often strange songs :)

After I finished hooking this little rug I trimmed the Monk's cloth foundation to 1-1/2" then folded it over and hemmed it to the back. 

The rug was rather lumpy before being blocked but now it lies nice and flat. 

I put it on top of the apothecary chest to admire :)

I wasn't going to . . . but then I couldn't resist making the first two hexies in Barbara B's Morris Hexathon quiltalong. These were easy enough to do by machine but now I'm wondering how intricate others may be. Looking forward to the challenge! 

I pulled lots of botanicals . . . 

. . . and birds. I think that will be a nice combination, in fact, I'm pretty excited about it! 

Orange Peel quilting shows up really nice in NJ Stars. I can almost quilt a block a night :)

A mama Robin built her nest in a bush right outside our door but I  don't see any babies yet.  I keep checking.

And talking of birds--

Have you watched the You Tube video of the Lyre bird who can mimic a car alarm or even a chainsaw? Check it out! Thanks to my daughter for passing this along :)

Copyright 2016, Barbara Schaffer


  1. As usual your blocks are awesome !
    I've never done a hooked rug but you tempted me !! Argh....I think I will need a special material no ? I'm going to search.... I wish you a lovely day !

  2. I love the little rug! Have fun with the Hexathon - going to be another beautiful quilt. I'm not especially keen on Morris fabrics but love the ones you have selected! The Lyre bird in Australia is indeed amazing. I have heard them mimic exactly the sounds you say - on rainforest walks about an hour from here. Car horns in the middle of a rainforest is a sure sign lyrebirds are around!

  3. Your rug turned out so cute. It looks lovely displayed. The fabrics you've chosen for your new projects are yummy. Love the birds and the larger prints. We have robins too, but no babies yet.

  4. Oh that rug is beautiful. I am going to a lecture on hooked rugs in Waldoboro, Maine in August and I am really looking forward to it. I'll take photos if they allow it and share them. Your quilting on NJ stars is beautiful. I'm happy to see you are doing the hexalong. I have not jumped in as yet, but I love watching your progress!

  5. I thought the rug was old when I first glimpsed the thumbnail picture. Great job and I love where you decided to display it.

  6. your little rug turned out great Barbara! and it looks lovely on your chest. have fun with the hexie sew along. Birds and Botanicals are one of my favorite combos too.
    That bird is incredible! I have a song in my woods that I can't identify but its not this one ;)

  7. Wonderful fabric choices for your hexie sew along - love hexies, any size! Your botanical fabrics are luscious. Speaking of botanicals - Your Robert Furber print is stunning above the chest. When we lived near Williamsburg, I was able to get birthday months for our family.