Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Patriots Path, Hooked Rug, Etc.

Patriots Path is done and I even put it in the washing machine with some color catchers :)

I started making it last October in Barb Vedder's Hex Vex class :) 

I had just enough America the Beautiful fabric for the side borders and edge triangles. I like the way it frames the hexies.

I couldn't make up my mind how to quilt it so placed it prominently in the hallway and every time I passed by I'd look at it hoping something would pop out at me.

And it did. One-half inch concentric hexagons seemed to be the answer. The backing fabric is from Barbara Brackman and Terry Clothier Thompson's Lewis & Clark line. It measures 18" x 24."

Last weekend we were at the cabin where my daughter and I went for a hike. This is the view looking east toward Vermont. 

We spotted these pretty Spring Beauties on the trail.


I had some time to work on my hooked rug. There is no pattern to follow for the background so make it up as I go.

Of course I had to stop at the thrift shop. I couldn't resist this pattern for a wool table runner. It was only 25-cents. I have lots of wool fabrics that I've been saving for the longest time. Maybe I could use some of them to make this piece :)

Have a great week! 

Copyright 2016, Barbara Schaffer


  1. Your Patriot's Path quilt is marvelous! Great fabrics.

  2. How special! I love the patriotic fabrics. I had never been a fan of hexagons until I saw Barb's quilt and now this one. I love it! Love the hooking too.

  3. Congratulations for you nice quilt ! I love the blue fabric all around !
    I have never made rug hooking ! Is it difficult ? And you appliqué it on a fabric or onto a toile for embroidery ?

  4. Your newest quilt is fantastic. The use of the different fabrics just makes a wonderful statement and the America the Beautiful fabric does just set it all off. What a beautiful area to hike in. It looks like spring is there to stay. I have that pattern somewhere. Never made it though. I should! I still like it.

  5. Your Hex quilt turned out great! I love the way you quilted it Barb.
    Your rug is really cute - I love the kitties.
    You find the best stuff at that thrift store!!

  6. p.s. the blue really frames it wonderfully

  7. Love the hex quilt!
    I've made that wool pom runner! What a steal!

  8. Working on Barb's hex pattern..did you hand quilt yours?
    It is lovely! Wool is so fun too isn't it?
    Happy Sewing