Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Quilt Update

First, I want to thank you all for your concern, kind comments, and your suggestions :) I was definitely in a state of disbelief after my "quilt disaster." Here's what I decided to do.

You can see the color change in the upper left and the streak in the middle where the gold fabrics turned yellow when I used Color Run Remover.

The most noticeable change was this toile. The original color on the right bled through to the back when I spritzed it with water. I realize now that I should have put the quilt in the washing machine right then and there with some color catcher sheets. But I'm not fond of the laundered look so tried to treat it on my own with a small amount of water. And when that didn't work I used a little Color Run Remover. Big mistake!

It seeped into other parts of the quilt including the pillar print border and the binding.  


Becky in VA sent a link to an article by Vicki Welsh Save My Bleeding Quilt. Thank you, Becky! I decided a good soaking in the tub with Dawn Ultra Pure Essentials dishwashing liquid seemed to be the safest route to take to release any excess dyes. So I put the quilt in the tub with plastic lids and containers on top to keep it submerged. I let it soak for a total of 10 hours and changed the water after the first four even though there was no evidence of any excess dye. 

Then I rinsed the quilt in cold water and put it in the washing machine for one full cycle to get rid of any soap. It's hard to tell in this photo but this was the result after the soak. Maybe the colors aren't quite as bright as they were in the pre-soak stage but there's still a noticeable difference.

I then re-read the directions on the Carbona Color Run Remover box and had an a-ha moment. It became obvious that only the non-colorfast fabrics changed color while the colorfast ones weren't affected at all. So I thought . . . what if I put the quilt in the washing machine with a small amount of CRR to remove the excess color from those non-colorfast fabrics. That would solve my problem, right?

Not to worry! I didn't do that. But I did email Carbona to ask their opinion. This was their reply:

"The answer to your question is a definite No, sorry! The Color Run Remover will not give a more uniform look if you put the whole quilt in the washing machine."

So I've decided to let the quilt sit for a while before I try anything else. All I really want is for the gold fabrics to ultimately look like this one which is now yellow.

This was definitely a hard lesson learned but doesn't every quilt tell a story? 

Copyright 2016, Barbara Schaffer


  1. Have you considered piecing new patches (and requilting) on the 4 or 5 gold blocks that "brightened"? Not ideal, but forestalls any further unwelcome reactions on your beautiful quilt. As you say, every quilt has a story.

  2. Indeed Barbara, every quilt tells a story and I am so proud of your attitude and your sharing it with others! I know this is little consolation, but if you most assuredly have saved at least one other person from doing the same thing. It is a stunning quilt even with its little imperfection. I have seen hundreds of antique quilts with discolorations and they still capture my heart! Onward and upward!

  3. Yes every quilt has a story and you have found his own story.
    I'm so sorry you didn't arrive to clean your quilt, but consider it as a vintage quilt ! And what ? It has a little change of colors's your beautiful work and your beautiful quilt ! Made with your heart !

  4. I was glad to read your update today, even if it didn't turn out the way you wanted. Wendy is right, hopefully, it will prevent some else doing the same thing. It's a beautiful quilt.

  5. i agree with Wendy! I had a white quilt that hanna lost a tooth on and it had 3 drops of blood. A judge said of the story "charming" - this quilt seems to reflect real life - things happen. I would give it extra love and cuddle with it often :)

  6. Although it seems your quilt is instantly aged, it isn't something any quilter likes to have happen. I'm so sorry. It is still a beautiful quilt with lovely fabric!!