Thursday, September 10, 2015

This 'n That, "Russell Crow" and Bronze-style Print Stars

We were in the Adirondacks for a long Labor Day Weekend. The weather was absolutely gorgeous.

An early morning view from our deck. I must have hundreds of photos taken from this same spot. I never tire of the view.

My garden is flourishing but I don't ever remember white phlox being there!

We had a visitor! Russell Crow stopped by. He's an escapee from the neighboring Wildlife Rehab Center. He actually has the run of the place but this time he wandered a little too far :)


For more than seven years I've been taking gravestone photos and posting them on So on our way home we stopped at Albany Rural Cemetery in Menands, NY. I love this historic cemetery with its beautiful monuments. 

Here are my Bronze-style Print Stars from last week. 

I thought this was the best interpretation of that color.

Then there's this one with blue and white floral sprays. 


This looks more gray than brown.  


And a dark brown with pink and olive green? Maybe.  

Don't miss the Double Irish Chain quilt that Barbara B. posted on her Civil War Quilts blog. It's one of HQPNJ's favorite quilts and is on p. 78 in our book, New Jersey Quilts

Copyright 2015, Barbara Schaffer   


  1. That is a beautiful view! Lovely flowers the purple and white is so cool and fresh looking.
    Great Stars! Oh, I loved seeing the double irish chain on BB blog. I was with Jill when she won the founders award in Vermont for her version.

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  3. p.s. what an awesome visit from Russell Crow - he is very handsome!