Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Quilt Show at The Tabernacle

Last Saturday a friend and I went on a house tour of Mt. Tabor, NJ, where there were charming cottages and a quilt show at The Tabernacle meeting house. You can read more about this quaint Methodist camp meeting ground in a previous post here.  

We walked up and down the rows to get a close look at all the quilts that were draped over the pews.    

Japanese Lantern 

One of my favorites. A simple Nine Patch set with alternate squares, strips, and half square triangles in the borders. 

Log Cabin Straight Furrows 

Log Cabin Streak of Lightning


Log Cabin Sunshine and Shadows 

Lend and Borrow

LeMoyne Star 
Worn but interesting.

Crazy Quilt 
lace edging

Made by 12-year old Bessie Bridge Knowles in 1895. 


Stay tuned. Two more favorites will be in tomorrow's post :)

Copyright 2015, Barbara Schaffer



  1. I'm so impressed by these beautiful quilts ! Especially the one made by Bessie.....
    I'm impatient to discover your favorites tomorrow ! Thank you for sharing Barbara !

  2. These are so great, each one. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Quilt shows are motivating if you're there in person or get to enjoy them in your post.

  4. Great quilts - who's were they? Did you know that I had a one woman show there years ago? I had about 90 pieces on display. I love the cottage tours too -