Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Quilts, Stars and Plainfield 4

Two more quilts . . . 

. . . and this one may not look very exciting but wait until you see the Prussian Blue fabrics! 

Aren't they gorgeous? I have a Prussian Blue board on Pinterest so pop on over to see more quilts--and dresses.

This year I photographed a few more blocks of the Album Quilt which is on a bed in the History House at Mt. Tabor. Two years ago I also took some pics which you can see if you follow the link in yesterday's post. 

 Iris (or Mrs.) Chandler [?]

C.A. Blaum..[can't read]
 Dated 1854
Nyack, NY

Anna Maria Tallman

 Mary E. Talman

The interesting thing about this quilt is the machine top-stitching on the appliques. 

Chocolate & Blue and Lace Stars

I tried to copy the quirky vintage block in Barbara B's blog. 

I really had to dig deep to find a lace fabric. 

Plainfield 4 is done. I'm trying to reproduce some of the blocks in a NJ Sampler quilt. You can see the other three here.  

Happy Sewing!

Copyright 2015, Barbara Schaffer


  1. Both great examples of the antique Prussian Blues and yours with the Chocolate and blue.

  2. I always enjoy seeing the fabrics you choose for your stars (I have yet to start mine, but I'm taking lots of notes). I did pop over to Pinterest to see the Prussian Blues you've gathered. Bold and beautiful fabrics!

  3. The Prussian blue fabrics are beautiful ! Thank you for the photos Barbara...I really love the appliqués blocks !

  4. your star interpretations are super! you have such a great collection of CW repros! Those Prussian blues are fabulous! wow
    I really like the tabled bee skep what a great block. Whomever made it must have a new machine and used it with pride.