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Weeping Willow Gravestones

One of the virtual cemeteries on my Find A Grave home page is titled "Weeping Willows" the gravestone symbol for mourning, grief, and sorrow. The photos I've added to this category are of gravestones in local cemeteries that date from 1831-1872. Most have a lone weeping willow that varies in shape and size.    

First Presbyterian Church of Hanover

The cemetery next to The First Presbyterian Church of Hanover in E. Hanover, Morris, NJ, is one of the oldest in the area. During the Revolutionary War the church served as a hospital during a smallpox epidemic. The following 4 gravestones are in this cemetery.

This one dates to 1831 and is the earliest "willow" that I've photographed. Note the books which are most likely symbols of the Divine Word.

Jane Irene
daughter of
Israel & Rhoda Beach
March 1st 1848
Aged 27 years 1 mo
& 18 days.
Thou hast gone we no longer,
Thy love, of form on earth shall see,
But we hope ere long to join thee,
In a blest eternity.

 Sarah Cook died May 10, 1855. 

Mary Woodruff
wife of A. V. Harrison
died Aug. 11th 1855
aged 47 years 7 months & 29 days
O! Weep not for the friends that pass,
Into the lonely grave;
As breezes sweep the withered grass,
Along the restless wave.
For though thy pleasures may depart,
And mournful days be given,
And lonely though on earth thou art,
Yet bliss awaits the holy heart
When friends rejoin in heaven.

 Northfield Baptist Cemetery

 Northfield Baptist Cemetery, Livingston, Essex, NJ

wife of
Charles Force
daughter of
Rev. Elisha & Abby
Sept. 16, 1852
In her 20th year
[NJ Genealogical Society survey]

Lots of willows :)

Hanover Cemetery

About 1/2 mile down the road from the First Presbyterian Church Cemetery (above) is the Hanover Cemetery that was established in 1849. There are quite a few Weeping Willow gravestones there but I'll only show you a few.

Our Father
James A. Campfield
Dec. 22nd 1857
Aged 67 Years 2 mo.
& 3 Days
Most of the willow-style gravestones I've photographed have women's names on them. James A. Campfield seems to be an exception.

Eleanor P.
wife of
James Lewis
Died Jan 8th, 1864
Aged 62 years


Henrietta Cobb
wife of
Lindsley J. Beach
Died Feb. 29, 1872
Aged ~~~~

Every once in a while curiosity gets the best of me and I have to do a little research. Here's a record of Henrietta Cobb's marriage to Lindsley J. Beach. 

Book G, Morris County Marriage Records
Recorded 8 Dec 1868 by John M. Johnson, Minister of the Gospel
14 May 1867 Lindsley J. Beach and Henrietta Cobb, both of Hanover, at Hanover Neck.

This willow gravestone is late--1872.

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