Friday, February 7, 2014

Scrappy 9, 9-Patch, and Wild Goose Chase Sample

I just finished a small quilt that I started last August and named it "Scrappy 9." Here are some pics.

I've also included photos of two other 9-Patch quilts in my collection plus a machine quilted Wild Goose Chase sample block.

The inspiration for this little quilt came from Crib Quilts and Other Small Wonders by Thos. K. Woodard and Blanche Greenstein (1988). It measures 20" x 24."

I sort and keep all my leftover squares, triangles, etc. in baggies so that's where I began. I had hundreds of leftover 2" squares from other projects to choose from.

I wanted the 9-patch blocks to have good light/dark contrast. 

I had enough yellow calico for the back--just trying to use up what I had.

Years ago I purchased this cute little piece from my friend and colleague Natalie Hart. It is not quilted.

This wild and crazy 9-Patch was given to Aunt Midge by a neighbor of hers.

It's made of two different plaids and solid blues. Oh, how I wish those plaids were cut on the straight grain! The entire quilt is tied with red yarn.

LOTS of snow means I get to spend LOTS of time in my sewing room :)

I added borders to the Wild Goose Chase sample block that I showed you recently and then practiced machine quilting. I did x's in the borders and corner blocks, continuous straight lines in the large triangles and squares in the geese strips. I am not a machine quilter by any means and was happy with the results. It's 15" x 15."

Happy quilting!

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