Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Morgan's Farm and Museum

The last house I visited on the Essex County Historic House tour was Morgan's Farm and Museum in Cedar Grove, NJ. In 1985 it was the last operating farm in Cedar Grove and is listed in the New Jersey and National Registers of Historic Places because of its agricultural history. The 14-acre site consists of open fields, a garden, a well-house, barns, ski-tow shed, Canfield Cemetery, and the Canfield-Morgan House which was built c. 1845.

The Morgans sold their vegetables and fruits from their front porch.

A typical traditional farmhouse with French windows in the front parlor.

A bedroom on the second floor with a small silk quilt.

A small desk with a lovely scrapbook in the corner of the bedroom.

Patterns, thread, laces, and a mesh bag are displayed on a small table in the same bedroom. 

Also in the bedroom is this early sewing machine on a table in front of the window.

Vintage hats and books at the top of the staircase. Other rooms on the second floor are used for exhibits and office space. 

Thanks for coming on this tour of Essex County NJ's historic houses with me. Hope you enjoyed it! 

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