Monday, June 27, 2011

Still More "Pages" . . .

When I was halfway through my fabric book, I was anxious to keep on going.    

For my children: It's a Boy! and It's a Girl!

Using a rubber stamp and Carter's Micropore stamp pad, I stamped "It's a Boy" in between the blue dots and a floral design around the edges. 

I smocked a 7" x 18" piece of batiste and embroidered a flower. The loose threads from each row were twisted together to form the initials CJS. "It's a Girl" was written on a piece of grosgrain ribbon.

 Our Living Room and Aerobic Dancing.

I used the same turpentine and spoon  method I described earlier to transfer a xeroxed copy of a photograph of our living room onto fabric. Images like this one transfer in reverse.    

 Wonder Under was the solution to fuse pieces cut from a t-shirt to plain fabric.

Barb's quilts and New Jersey Quilts book cover. 

I chose forty-two pieces of fabric representing the quilts I had made and cut them into 1" x 2-1/2" strips. The fabrics were arranged in three rows of fourteen each separated by tape sashing.

Jean Ray Laury's book, Imagery on Fabric became my Bible for many of the techniques I used in transferring images to fabric. One of the more complicated processes was transferring a color image like the cover of the book I co-authored, New Jersey Quilts 1777-1950 but it was well worth the effort.

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