Sunday, June 26, 2011

More "Pages" . . .

Continued from my previous post "When I Was 50" . . . my fabric book has a total of 18 pages. I chose important events in my life and used various techniques to create the pages. 

   Poem and kindergarten handprint.


The poem my grandfather wrote and illustrated when I was born. I xeroxed the original and placed the copy on several layers of drawing paper on a hard surface and taped the corners to prevent shifting. White fabric was placed on top of the drawing paper with corners taped. I traced the letters with a Pigma Pen and filled in the fancy letters using dots, dashes, etc. 

I pushed modeling clay into the original clay handprint that I made in kindergarten. When the "new" clay hand was removed, I touched up the edges and/or fingers that needed repair and placed it on a piece of drawing paper.  Using a cosmetic sponge, stencil paint was dabbed over the entire hand. Fabric was laid on top of the paint and carefully finger-pressed to ensure a good print. The fabric was removed and when it was dry, I placed the original clay handprint on top of my new print, drew around the circular edge with a Rub-a-Dub laundry marker and then wrote in my name and date.  


Mother's Day card and Girl Scout badges. 

Fabric crayons and heat transfer worked well to re-create the Mother's Day card I made when I was seven years old.

Girl Scout badges were sewed on and my membership card was photo transferred.  

 High school yearbook and wedding gown.

 A rubbing of the cover of my high school yearbook.

I took an 8" square of my wedding gown lace and painted it with acrylic paint thinned with water. This I placed face down on a piece of fabric and finger-pressed. I traced the figure from the original Vogue pattern, cut it out and fused it to the "new" lace fabric. The entire block was covered with organdy. The wedding gown was outlined with metallic thread. The bouquet was hand-embroidered. Still more to come . . .

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