Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Quilts My Mother Made

My mother Etta Bower Davis (1910-1964) would have been 101 years old tomorrow, October 27th. So to honor her birthday, and in her memory, I've posted a few of the quilts she made.  

This picture was taken in 1935 when she became engaged to my dad.

In 1936 she made this unbacked Yo Yo quilt. The Heritage Quilt Project of NJ included it in their book New Jersey Quilts 1777-1950.

The 16-patch yo-yo blocks are sashed with white yo-yos. 

Years ago, I made some repairs. Can you tell which yo-yo is mine? It's the only one that isn't a small-scale print.   

My mother made at least two or three quilt tops before she turned to making quilts from kits. The first one was called "Early American" by Paragon Needlecraft, #01108. 

 It took her three years to make.

Here's her signature and the dates when she started and finished the quilt. 

The second quilt she made was "American Eagle" by Paragon #01128. It was a wedding gift for my brother.

This quilt is made up of only two colors--gold and white.

Mom was really good about signing and dating her quilts. 

The last quilt she made was "Garden Bouquet." It was designed by Florence Peto and offered by Paragon Needlecraft. I've often wondered if my mother knew of Florence Peto as we lived in a neighboring town. This quilt is in The Heritage Quilt Project of NJ's newly published book, A Passion for Quilts:The Story of Florence Peto. Photograph by Peter Jacobs Fine Arts Imaging.

This block closely resembles one in the original Baltimore Album Quilt which Florence Peto owned at one time. My mother worked on this quilt from 1960-1964 and I quilted it after she died.

This "Horn of Plenty" pillow kit was also offered as a Paragon kit. My mother had completed the applique but I quilted it and gave it to my aunt one year for Christmas. 

In addition to making quilts, my mother created applique pictures depicting different family members. Here is one that she made of her and my dad "at home." I just love this one. It is framed and hangs in one of our bedrooms.


  1. What a wonderful collection of quilts and memories. The appliqué picture is a beautiful piece of folk art.

  2. Very cool. You're so lucky. My family were all sewers, but not quilters.