Thursday, October 20, 2011

1860s NJ Quilts on Display

The current exhibit at the Newark Museum, "Patchwork from Folk Art to Fine Art," has some wonderful quilts that were made in New Jersey during the 1860s. 

This Bride's Album Quilt was made in 1864 by Mary Nevins Potter and others in Pottersville, NJ. Garden State Quilters of Chatham, NJ, provided the funding for the conservation of this quilt. I've been a member of this guild for more than twenty-five years.

The stencil in the center of this applique block contains the name 'Emma Flomerfelt.' Emma was one of ten children of Zaccheus and Elizabeth Flomerfelt of Bridgewater, NJ, and was fourteen years old when this quilt was made. 

Flower Basket Quilt made in 1864 by Rachel Kingsland Oakes and Abigail Baldwin Oakes of Bloomfield, NJ.  Each block is signed by a member of the Oakes family or by friends and neighbors. Abigail was Rachel's daughter-in-law having married Rachel's son, David, about 1830. David built his own textile factory which, during the Civil War, produced materials for military uniforms for the Union Army. In 1989 The Heritage Quilt Project of NJ held a Quilt Discovery Day at the Oakeside Bloomfield Cultural Center which once was the Oakes family home.       

The Hurley Family Album Quilt was made in 1867 by members of the Hurley Family of Wall, NJ.

The center block contains the names of all the Hurley children.

This block has an inscription "Mrs. John Morris."

Here's a detail.

Star of LeMoyne made in 1860 by Maria Washington Layfield Miller of Newark, NJ. Maria was the mother of a local Episcopal minister.

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