Saturday, October 1, 2011

American Quilt Study Group and HQPNJ

The American Quilt Study Group Seminar was held in Cherry Hill, NJ, September 21-26. Rachel Cochran and I represented The Heritage Quilt Project of NJ by exhibiting a couple of Rachel's quilts at the Welcome Icebreaker, presenting a study center on the Characteristics of New Jersey Quilts, and leading a roundtable discussion, A New Look at Florence Peto.

Rachel and her Presidents Medallion and Manahawkin Signature Quilt drew lots of attention.

Bowmansville Star, another quilt in the Icebreaker Exhibit.

 A beautiful Baltimore Album quilt from the Arlan and Pat Christ Collection.

Here's a detail.

 An interesting quilt at Sharon Waddell's NY Quilts study center. There's even an appliqued red elephant.

New Jersey Quilts Study Center on the scrolling list of events.

There were 40 people in our study center. Madge Ziegler is showing the group a NJ quilt.

At the end we "wowed" everyone with a c. 1840 quilt that we borrowed from the Montclair Historical Society.

 Our new book was so popular we sold over 100 copies at the seminar. 

This short story was written by Florence Peto in 1920. We included a copy of it in a packet that we handed out to everyone who was at our roundtable discussion.  

A while ago, I started making this reproduction of Florence Peto's quilt, Where Liberty Dwells. I guess it's time to start quilting!

Here's Julie Silber auctioning off a copy of New Jersey Quilts, the book Rachel and I co-authored with Natalie Hart and Rita Erickson in 1992.

The Oak Leaf and Reel table decorations were made by quilting friends, Jill Reid, Susan McDermott, and Barb Vedder.

Everyone attending the seminar received a small organdy pouch with 4 pieces of fabric and at the closing luncheon I won the jar of "preserves" in the center of the table. : )

The Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum and Andover Fabrics have collaborated to reproduce this original John Hewson fabric in their Winterthur John Hewson line. Check it out!


  1. Wasn't seminar amazing. You caught some great events. I was one of the Julie Silber's auction helpers and in charge of show and tell so I got to take home one of those oak leaf and real mini quilts.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Yes, seminar was amazing! We had such a good time and thoroughly enjoyed Julie's auction, as always. Glad to hear you received an oak leaf mini quilt, too. I love mine. Thanks for visiting :)