Saturday, November 18, 2023

Making a Y2K Quilt and Mini

Two weeks ago I won the bid at Dana Auctions for 61 envelopes from 1999 for a Y2K fabric swap. What fun!

From what I gather, there was an online swap to collect 2000 different fabrics for a millennium quilt. Did any of you participate in that? The ultimate goal was to swap an envelope containing 25 3-inch squares with others on the list to get one from every state and some countries. 

Well, envelope by envelope I've been sewing squares together with the sender's label in the center. The finished block is 12-1/2". This one is from FL.


This from KS . . .


This from MS . . . 

And this from OH . . . I love mindless sewing!

So far I've made 12.

Also included in the "lot" were six different millennium fabrics each a yard or more and some lightweight decorator fabrics I'll show you another time. 

Did you ever make a millennium quilt? I made two:

Fabric Diary using that "blue and white 2000" fabric for the sashing. Each 36-patch focused on fabrics from my sewing journey through the years beginning when I was in high school (upper left). . . 

. . .  to the new millennium in the lower right (above.)

This is the back with lots of orphan blocks. 

And my Journal Quilt: Year 2000 when I wrote an entry every day . . .

. . . and added a fabric swatch to complement each one.


Last month, I was in the mood to make a mini.

  Penguin Party
Carol Y's triangle scraps


Enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday. Our son and granddaughter will be spending it with us :)

Copyright 2023 Barbara Schaffer


  1. Oh! My! That must be the biggest win ever ... in the quilty world that is. I did buy M&M's Y2K fabric but haven't made a millenium quilt with it until 2021. Kind of late. Initialy, I bought the fabric for sleepwares for my boys. They loved the M&M characters. I still have a wee bit left of it. Your Y2K quilts are heirlooms with all the info on it. Amazing. Love them. ;^)

  2. Wow! Both for your newest project and for your past millennium quilts. What a wonderful collection of fabrics. I love your penguin party. I've missed making a mini. Thanks for sharing your newest one!