Wednesday, September 28, 2022

September Little Quilt: Old and New

Remember when I bought Dawn's Log Cabin quilt at auction? And I had removed two odd blocks in an unfinished row? Well, guess what? I turned those two extra blocks into this month's mini.

These are the extras which I decided to separate and reverse. 

Why? I don't really know! My plan was to mirror image the original blocks--on the diagonal--and then try to reproduce them. So the green/black stripe in the upper right will now have a more less matching fabric on the lower left.

So as not to get confused with placement, I made xerox copies to use as my guides. The center squares are 2-1/2" finished, the strips are 1" and the blocks are 8-1/4".

I tried to match lights and darks as best I could. Even used a strip of the original paisley backing from Dawn's Snowball quilt. I added the conversational print after nixing a stripe that would have been too dark and used the reverse side of a print for the center square.

All in all I'm happy with the end result except I would have really preferred a ditsy shirting fabric in place of the conversational print I used. 

This wonderful high wheeler repro was in Natalie's stash :) The finished piece is 17" x 17". Now I feel the urge to make another Log Cabin quilt--a little larger though--and in browns and neutrals. So easy once you get going!

Be sure and visit Wendy's blog on the 30th when she will post her mini along with links to all the other monthly mini-makers :)

Don't you just love these Chinese Lanterns?? There's a big patch in a neighbor's front yard :) 

Enjoy your week!


Copyright 2022, Barbara Schaffer


  1. I love what you created with the two extra log cabin blocks. You found the perfect fabrics to replicate the originals. Super fun. Those Chinese latterns are a beautiful color or fall.

  2. I love these log cabin blocks and your new mini. It's going to look right at home in your log cabin environment. We've never been successful trying to raise Chinese Lanterns, wonder what the secret is. They're beautiful.

  3. Love what you did with those extra blocks. And I think the conversation print gives it more personality than a ditsy print would have done.
    The Chinese Lanterns are very striking. Such vibrant color! I've never tried to grow them--I don't even know if I've seen them in my community.

  4. It looks perfectly old! Great job reproducing the blocks!!

  5. oh what a sweet little Log Cabin quilt. I just love them. Good use of the leftover blocks and you matched them so well.
    I LOVE chinese lantern. Is that a seed I can sew into my prairie garden? I also want queens ann lace. I have to do a little research.