Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Ladies' Legacy 5-8 and Free Time

I've been making model blocks for Barbara B's Ladies' Aid Album BOM and thought you'd like to see 5-8. Click on the links to read Barbara's extensive research relating to each block.

Block #5 Union Flag. I just love this flag. There were no white strips to applique only red ones. How clever! Here is the link to Barbara's post where you can see the original block in a quilt from Oneida, NY. 

Block #6 Calico Cat. Read all about the Calico Dress Ball here :)

Block 7 New York Rose in blue and white. I have a Pinterest Board where I keep track of NY Quilts here

Block 8 Social Butterflies in Westchester County. I love the trees in NY quilts :)

I used Barbara's striped fabric from her Ladies' Legacy line to cut out the butterfly. 

I wanted that touch of blue on the wing. 

Here are blocks 1-8. I plan on adding 2" red sashing throughout. 

On another note I had three hours to myself today and this is what I did:   

First, I went to a local antiques shop in Lake Placid where I took pics of a few quilts that were for sale . . . I liked the one in the middle :)

I love antiques shops. You never know what you'll find. I wore a pair of shoes like these to a dance when I was in high school!

Ultimately, I couldn't resist buying this hand-crafted notebook. 

I've always wanted to make something like this.

Each page is different and includes decorated shipping tags. I just love it!  

Then I met my daughter at noon for a 45-minute walk near where she works. 

On the way home I stopped to take a pic of the snow on Whiteface Mountain.  

That's all for now :)

Copyright 2021 Barbara Schaffer


  1. Such lovely blocks. I love Calico Cat! What fun antique shopping. You always find the coolest stuff!

  2. Love your use of fabrics. It adds great interest. I'm sure those shoes were quite stylish, but a little hard on the tootsie. What we do to be glamorous.

  3. Your blocks are just beautiful !!

  4. Your blocks are beautiful!
    Looks like fun at the antique shop. I always consider visits there to be like going to a museum to see how life used to be. the notebook was a great find.
    Snow already? pretty

  5. I fully intended to do this sew-a-ling with Barbara, but just never got it started. I must say that I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing your test blocks when she posts them. They are gorgeous! You will laugh, but when you said you had 3 hours of free time and I saw the first two photos, I thought you rescued the wonderful half square triangle quilt from inside the other one! Happy to see that you spent your time wisely. I love that sweet notebook. So glad it is now in your possession. What fun! I love seeing the snow on the ground. We used to always have snow before Thanksgiving, but not any more. Happy Thanksgiving!

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  7. Your blocks look great! Very crisp and graphic viewed all together. The red sashing will be perfect for it. I'm enjoying making these blocks, and I'm doing hearts in the corners. Fun antiquing photos and wow you live in a beautiful part of the country for sure!

  8. Your sample blocks for Barbara's pattern are so beautiful!
    I love browsing antique shops, too, and the vintage quilts are often where I play.
    That is a very cool journal. I am always afraid to use something like that, afraid I will mess it up.
    Lovely views from your walk and your way home.

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