Wednesday, November 10, 2021

It's A Finish!

I finally finished a top I made in March. "Get It Done!" is now Done! Here's what I posted about it back then. 

I would have much preferred to hand quilt it but wanted to "get it done" so went ahead and did it by machine. 

The sunlight streaming in the bedroom showed the triple line quilting both vertical and horizontal. 

I also quilted in-the-ditch around all the sashing. 

I used a variegated red thread only because I had it :)

Another detail.

Rachel gave me the fabric I used for the back when she moved about 5 years ago. Thanks, Rachel! Look close because the black lines are the handles and spouts of various pitchers. 

I washed it in the machine, dried it on delicate for about 15 minutes and then let it finish drying on a sheet. It's 36" x 36".

Anyway, "Get It Done!" should be renamed "Got It Done!" 😊

I have this large antique wooden bowl on my dining room table that is filled with all kinds of things: pine cones, dried black walnut hulls from our NJ trees, dried lemons, hickory nuts, acorns, rag balls, sweet gum tree pods and the most recent addition--gourds. There's still room for a few more things. Maybe I'll add some apples :)

We had our first frost last week and look at the sunrise just beginning . . .

. . . and this is it full blown. It doesn't look real, does it? The whole mountain range was ablaze with this autumn color!

I'm participating in Janet O.'s Monthly Mini Maker Baggie Challenge as part of Wendy's Monthly Minis. I'll tell you more about it soon. I'm really looking forward to it!

That's all for now :)


Copyright 2021, Barbara Schaffer 


  1. A great little finish, Barbara. Very clever quilting.
    Without you pointing it out, I would not have realized those black lines in the backing were all handles and spouts.
    I love antique bowls. Those are great fillers. I'd be tempted to add oranges studded with cloves, just because I love the scent. But maybe that is more Christmasy, than Fall.
    Always appreciate your shots of the mountains/sky/water.

  2. Lovely finish. Your stitching is just right.:)

  3. This is a wonderful small quilt, a mini in my book! It's a perfect size for small tables or a dining table centerpiece. Your triple line stitching is so effective, simple but elegant. Snow in our weekend forecast, yours too?

  4. The triple stitching makes a great design and texture. It's always nice to get those projects finished that have lingered. Great job for Gettin' It Done!

  5. charming little quilt. Great quilt pattern.
    Lovely lovely photos!

  6. They say done is better than perfect, but that one is pretty perfect.

  7. So darling and I love the quilting!
    Gorgeous sunrise!!

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