Wednesday, December 30, 2020

December Mini, Wall, River

It's been quite a journey during this tumultuous year but Wendy The Constant Quilter has kept a group of us engaged by making minis and focusing on the positive. Thanks, Wendy!

This orphan leaf block has been in a drawer for years and then one morning I took it out, added some leftover hsts, red and green borders, corner squares . . .

. . . and with a little hand quilting it was done! It's 14" x 14".

I finally made and installed a 72" x 72" design wall with the help of my SIL :) I followed Barb V's Design Wall Tutorial and I can't tell you how happy I am with the result! Thanks, Barb! It's been a goal of mine ever since we moved here and the only wall space I had upstairs was in an adjacent bedroom to my sewing space but it worked out perfectly.

Early Christmas morning the river looked like it was frozen in time but then it began to break up just like what happens in the spring. Huge ice slabs were piled up along the edge and before you knew it the whole river was once again flowing. Amazing to watch!

And at 7:00 this morning the moon was so bright it lit up the sky and reflected in the water. I love stuff like this!

Thank you all for visiting my blog this year. I so appreciate your taking the time to leave a comment or two :)

Let's ring in the New Year with hope and optimism! 




Copyright 2020, Barbara Schaffer


  1. What a fabulous December mini! Mine will be similar in layout. I guess great minds really do think alike. In fact, I have been planning a design wall (after all these years) and I love that you know have one too. Your river photos are gorgeous. Nature truly is a gift! Happy New Year is said with great gusto this year!

  2. A wonderful mid-winter quilt! Our creek often looks like that especially toward February and March, though thankfully not that wide. When it's flooding it sometimes sends the ice slabs 50 feet back of the creek bank. Our moonrise last night was bright and beautiful like your photo but by morning it was overcast again. Love the design wall, they are a real blessing when we get too old to crawl around on the floor!

  3. Oh I love your December mini. It just says "winter" but also "Warm" to me. The way you bordered the leaf is beautiful. Great that you got a design wall going! I used to have one, loved it. It all depends on where I live, ha ha. I will definitely have one again someday!

  4. I always enjoy seeing what you've been working on, and the ones in this post are certainly beautiful! I'm sure you'll enjoy the design wall! Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos of the scenery you get to enjoy near your home. Makes me a bit jealous! 2021 is just going to have to be better for all of us! ---"Love"

  5. Barbara, this is delightful! I look at that little leaf block and what you created with it and wonder why I don't see that potential in any orphan blocks. :)
    So happy for you to have your design wall. I know that made a big difference to me when I finally got mine up.
    That looks like it would be rather hypnotic to stand there and watch the ice break up and the river flow again.
    LOVE that moon shot!

  6. What a delightful little green leaf simply surrounded with the cheerful red and more beautiful green. It makes me feel hopeful.

  7. So great to have a design wall! I know you'll love it.
    Your leaf mini is simple but oh so adorable!! Happy new year!

  8. What fun to make a mini from an orphan! I remember living north of a series of lakes in winter, and stopping to take pictures of the ice that had been pushed by the wind to the shore. So interesting! Thank you for sharing and reminding me of that drive.

  9. Love your mini. The little leaf is just charming! How fascinating to get to watch the ice break up on the river. Very neat!:)

  10. My favorite kind of little quilt. One that happens organically Very sweet and the hand quilting is lovely.
    great design wall. I'm so glad my tutorial helped you get it done. I love mine and I'm thinking of adding on to it this year.
    Love the frozen water photo. Your moon photo looks like a postcard. just gorgeous. would make a great little landscape quilt.
    Happy New Year!

  11. Bárbara me encanta tu mini, tu hoja tu verde maravilloso.