Wednesday, October 7, 2020

It's A Finish! and Whiteface

The strip quilt I started in July is finished! My worries of finding a longarmer nearby were quickly put to rest when I met Dawn at Cabin Creek Stitchery. She lives less than 10 minutes from our house--and she's from NJ!

I couldn't resist this photo shoot :)

The pattern I used was Interweave by Karen Griska but I added strips to the top and bottom to bring it out to twin bed size.

I started by cutting strips from Natalie's stash so the fabrics in this first section were all hers :)

And this section has a row of fun fabrics from our trip to Sweden more than 20 years ago.  

For the backing, I found this Adirondack-style print on Hancock's site. Click on the photo to see how great the quilting looks! 

Do you ever use a large print for the binding? I had enough leftover backing to do just that. 

I'm very happy with the way it turned out. Thank you, Dawn! I'm so glad we met :)

How gorgeous is this?? It's a view of Whiteface Mountain ski area . . .
. . . and the river just before you get to the main lodge. 

Yesterday's early morning sunrise from our deck :) 


Enjoy your week!



Copyright 2020, Barbara Schaffer


  1. What a fantastic finish it is! I love everything about it including the big print binding. Just fabulous. And thanks for the wonderful foliage pictures. I love this time of year!

  2. Gorgeous! Just GORGEOUS! The quilt, the scenery ... gorgeous! ;^)

  3. You have spent more time quilting since July than I have all this year I think. Your quilt is interesting in every little piece, and there are a lot of them. Great job! I also enjoyed seeing the beautiful scenery pictures. ---"Love"

  4. I love this finish, what a beautiful way to use up a lot of strips and scraps, and perfect for a cabin or farmhouse setting. Your photo shoot site is beautiful as well as the photos of Whiteface Mountain and the river. We heard that Whiteface had a dusting of snow this morning.

  5. Great quilt, Barbara! It looks simple, but I can see there really is a strategy to it. The borders make it all the more interesting. What a perfect backing. I’d never heard of an Adirondack print. Guess that’s what I get for living on the West Coast, eh? Which means I also miss those fabulous fall colors ... sigh ...

  6. All those strips came together in such a fun way. It's a great pattern to use up some of those extra strips that seem to multiply. The quilting is perfect along with the backing. It seems like the fall colors back East have been extra pretty this year.

  7. That came out so wonderfully - love the warm colors. It is interesting to compare yours with Kyle's. They are both so different and both so great.

  8. Love this quilt . . . I'm going to see how many strips I have. This looks like fun and a great way to turn them into a cozy and wonderful farmhouse quilt. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Your newest follower,
    Connie :)