Wednesday, October 28, 2020

October Mini, This 'n That

I jumped right in when Lori @ Humble Quilts blog announced her 50 Shades of Brown SAL but I didn't quite get it finished on time for her Linky Party. But it's the perfect little quilt for October's mini.

I had plenty of pre-cut 1-1/2" squares and started sewing them together in 4-patches in no time at all. Then I added 3" squares . . . 

But because the center was so dark I deviated a bit and instead of adding 4 different fabrics for the border I added this light leaf stripe all the way around. 

Another monthly mini--done! Thanks, Wendy, for keeping us all focused! Make sure you visit her blog the end of the month :) And thank you, Lori, for another fun SAL!

On another note--or two . . . 

The last of fall colors in our driveway. This was one of the features we liked when we bought our place 20 years ago! 

A Shaggy Ink Cap mushroom in my daughter's yard. So strange . . . 

When I was about 4 years old, I wore Aunt Midge's majorette uniform on Halloween :)

And here is Aunt Midge (my mother's youngest sister) about 1941. 

I had that uniform until last year when I brought it (and other vintage clothing) to auction during the arduous task of de-cluttering our house before our move.  

Lastly, a good friend in MS asked me to join her in a virtual Run for RBG. This was just what I needed! I signed up for the 87-mile walk/run at your own pace/place. Results have to be submitted by December 30th. 

I've been into fitness my entire life and continue to walk every day so doing this distance will be a fun challenge as long as the weather holds out! 

87 miles. . . and counting down :)

Enjoy your week and . . . 

Happy Halloween!




Copyright 2020, Barbara Schaffer


  1. What a fabulous mini! I've seen many of them and it is amazing how different they all are. I adore your border fabric. And, thank you for racing and for sharing as I had not heard of this race and I have now signed up. I'm afraid I am not as adventurous as you, I signed up for the 5K! I'd do anything for Ruth.

  2. I love your mini, and suspect there will be other 50 Shades of Brown represented in Wendy's roundup. That was one great halloween costume you had!

  3. I have seen the RBG run as well. Good luck! I love your mini- thanks for sewing along. I am trying to figure out how to open back up the linky party..not having much luck figuring it out.

  4. That's very cool about the RBG run. Your mini is so pretty and the border is perfect for it!

  5. Love the rich colors and textures of your 50 Shades quilt. The light borders create a totally different effect. What a great Halloween photo!

  6. I like your take on 50 shades, including the light border. Thanks for the heads up on the RBG challenge, I will check it out.

  7. your sew along turned out great. Love all your browns.
    That majorette uniform is AMAZING. I love the vintage photo. You were adorable in it for Halloween.
    Good luck with your walk. What a good goal to have and RBG is perfect inspiration.
    happy Halloween

  8. You and your auntie both look great in her uniform!

  9. I like those pops of color in your Fifty Shades of Brown quilt.

  10. The mushroom caught my eye! Those grow in my driveway every fall and they are delicious! Here in Sweden they have a 3 star rating which means that they taste good!