Wednesday, September 30, 2020

September Mini and Country Roads

 This month's mini was so easy . . . 

There were some turn of the century blocks in Natalie's stash so I pulled them out and got started. This pic was taken upstairs in poor lighting . . . 

. . . and this was taken in good lighting near a sliding glass door. What a difference in color! In any case I put six blocks on the front . . . 

. . . and two on the back. I was totally surprised how the quilting lines crossed in just the right places. Didn't even think of that when I was making the back. 

Done! It's 13-1/2 x 18. 

Be sure and visit Wendy's blog to see her monthly mini along with links to all the other fabulous quilters who have joined in on the fun!

On another note the leaves were at peak color this weekend. Here are some pics of the country roads we traveled :)


The colors just take my breath away! 

Enjoy your week!


Copyright 2020, Barbara Schaffer


  1. What pretty blue fabrics in your little quilt! Sometimes we do get lucky with how things work out on the back, don't we? I loved seeing the beautiful fall foliage on the trees there. ---"Love"

  2. Wow that really is amazing about lighting - looks like two different quilts. Very nice. Your foliage shots are just spectacular!! Makes me dearly miss MA/NH this time of year!

  3. Sweet little mini - isn't it amazing how the blocks look completely different in the various lighting! Your fall colors look like the hillsides here, absolutely the best late September color in several years.

  4. Oh how I love this one! SO sweet! I have linked you into today's post. Your colors Fall are sensational. We lost a lot in today's wind and rain, but there is a lot to go around.

  5. I love your mini, and especially since you made it from vintage blocks. I like both color schemes! ;-)

  6. Precious little mini, Barbara. And that was serendipitous the way the quilting lines matched up with the blocks on the back.
    Thank you for sharing your fall colors with us. Gorgeous!

  7. Sweet mini. Cross hatch is one of my go to quilting designs. Love how it matched up on the back.
    The colors in that area are the country's best I think. We drove up to the Saratoga area one years and the colors were stunning.
    happy October

  8. This mini is adorable !!
    Thank you for sharing the colors of Fall... so gorgeous !

  9. Your mini was a perfect way to showcase these vintage blocks. The crosshatch quilting is simple and adds to the design. You must have had the magic touch to get the quilting to be in the right stop on the back! Your fall leaves are gorgeous.