Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Next Quilting Project and . . .

 A couple years ago I sewed along with Barb V. making basket blocks. . .

. . . and this was my finished top that's been waiting to be quilted.

I procrastinated for the longest time until Janet O. (Rogue Quilter) recently mentioned on her blog that she buys her quilting stencils from Quilting Creations International. So I ordered three different designs and decided on this one. Thanks, Janet!

This is how it looks on the front . . .

 . . . and on the back. 

The basket blocks are being quilted in the ditch along with triangles in the large sections and straight lines in the outer portions. I'm moving right along . . . 

Last week at the thrift shop, I found this piece of decorator fabric and couldn't resist. It's got lots of good motifs that I might be able to use in another broderie perse Deacon block. We'll see . . . 

There is a huge patch of these Chinese Lanterns close to the road in a neighbor's yard. Aren't they cool??

Early morning mist on the river taken at 7:15 a.m. I could barely see the mountain across the way.

Enjoy your week!




Copyright 2020, Barbara Schaffer


  1. Wow, great stencil and perfect selection for your quilt. Thanks for the tip on where to buy them, as they are hard to find these days. That fabric find was a stroke of luck!

  2. That is such a lovely, inviting basket quilt. Beautiful, warm colors! I am glad you found a stencil that worked for you. It is a unique design and fills those setting squares well.
    What a great fabric find! It is fun to make discoveries like that at thrift stores. It has now found a good home.
    Those Chinese Lanterns fascinate me. And I love the photo of the mist on the river. Kind of an ethereal quality to it.

  3. The hand quilting on your basket quilt is so lovely, I like that stencil. Great thrift store find! Unlike the offerings at our local establishments. We've never been able to grow Chinese Lanterns successfully, will need to try again next year.

  4. That's a perfect stencil for your beautiful quilt. Oh the Chinese lanterns are so dramatically beautiful!

  5. Finding the right stencil is so important and not easy to do when many shops have fewer and fewer stencils to choose from. Your pick was perfect and the texture is lovely.

  6. I love your basket quilt so much! the border fabric is just perfect and the corner stones set it all off so nicely. The colors are absolutely delicious. Perfect for fall.
    Chinese lanterns are such a interesting plants. I had a neighbor in NJ who had them and let me cut some.
    The stencil for the quilting is pretty!
    beautiful photo!

  7. That basket quilt is simply stunning! You have the best color sense. Your fabric choices are spot on! I can't wait to see what you do with the piece you found at the thrift store. I never thought about using a decorator weight for broderie perse, but I'm sure it will work perfectly. I'll have to keep my eyes out now!